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For a company or any business organization to generate profits, it requires will power and stamina to forge ahead. In order for corporate to achieve their goals, they need motivated employees (Feldman par 1). There exists different views on what motivates workers and this has led to the emergence of a number of theories that try to explain these views. To try to understand what might have caused the workers behave the way they are doing at StopNShopNow. Inc, we will look at Abraham Maslow’s theory, which suggests that there are five levels of human needs that need to be fulfilled by employees at work. These are; physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self actualization.

First the firm’s manager needs to understand that his staff has heart, brains, feelings and ideas just as himself, therefore there energies are there for the good of both the firm and themselves. But to tap these energies will require that the manager does the following; 1) seeks and uses the employees’ own ideas. 2) Should keep his employees informed of the firm’s activities. 3) He should express personal interest in the employees. 4) Should instill pride in those workers who have done their work well. 5) Should provide effective supervision.

Seeking and using the ideas of employees

For employees to feel that they are part of the firm they should be given incentives that will make them understand that they are free to contribute ideas. The management should come up with necessary mechanisms of obtaining these ideas. For instance, the use of suggestion boxes, and calling meetings for employee idea discussions. In these way managers will get to know better the problems of the firm.

Keeping the employees informed

As a manager of a firm in the service industry, he should build good attitudes in the employees by informing them always of the business affairs. This can be done through meetings that should address among other things, coming events, and trends in business and employee recognition. Communications and mutual effort will immensely contribute towards motivation and the building of self-esteem in the workers.

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Expressing personal interest

Personal meetings that are held in private with each employee are one way of creating motivation. These friendly meetings can be used to discuss both personal and business matters that might be blocking motivation of the employee.

Instilling pride in work

Finding pride in what one has done builds morale, which is an emotional attachment to the business as a whole. This can only be achieved if employee satisfaction and needs are met

Providing effective supervision

Good supervision should be encouraged in order for the employees to work to their best ability. The quality of supervision will determine largely how the employee performs. This might be lacking in StopNShop.Inc, which is why employees decide to absent themselves from work.


These suggestions if followed will bring about better satisfied and more productive cashiers in the firm. High quality supervision and team approach should be implemented as they are vital motivation elements at the work place. Specific incentives both monetary and non monetary should be used; these will bring tangible results from the employee. If managers recognize the worth of their employees to the company and reward them, will see these employees reciprocate this in customer satisfaction and generation of more revenue to the company. Please go through this information and discuss it among your management team and see how first you can implement the suggestions to salvage the image of your company.

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