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Internet-based generated appraisals play a significant part in marketing. Though it is a contemporary trend, business entities recognize an influence that it has on performance of ventures. More specifically, consumer-generated reviews affect purchase decisions. Based on this realization, it is necessary to emphasize the value of comprehending consumer behavior in marketing. Consequently, the purpose of this paper is to point out that various aspects attributable to the development of consumer-generated reviews have an influence on consumption patterns. Examining the quality of reviews is critical to understanding how they influence an industry.

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Park, Lee, & Han, (2007) alleged that consumer-generated reviews influence purchase decisions. Thus, they affect business sales. Additionally, consumer-generated reviews are beyond the influence of marketers, albeit in a direct way. The implication is that controlling the influence of such reviews on businesses is essential to entities that aspire to remain dominant. Even though consensus reflects the accuracy of customer reviews, the level of validity, consistency, and the quality of information from such reviews is sometimes doubted. Based on this aspect, it is recommended to evaluate the role and value that is attributable to user-generated reviews.

It is also notable that the field of business has diverse audiences. The marketing community, consumers, production groups, and money transfer service providers are the examples of vital business audiences. The marketing community is directly involved since customer reviews affect how marketers mold their messages to support or correct consumer-generated reviews. Consumers generate information and make purchase decisions. Production groups are central since they offer goods under evaluation. Money transfer service providers are also interested since they are involved in transactions of reviewed products. As such, these groups are the crucial audiences. Hence, internet consumer reviews have hugely affected the marketing sector.

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