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Globalization and civilization have continued to increase the rate of interaction among people from different cultural, racial and language backgrounds. This interaction has increased the job market, with people from across the globe finding job opportunities in different parts of the globe that have different language and cultural setup from their own. With this in mind, there has been an increased need for these people to learn different languages and cultures in which they intend to work as a way of preparing to work in these places. Therefore, culture and language courses play a critical role in preparing a person to a global labour market.

To begin with, learning a foreign language increase employment opportunities that a person can access at a go (Check, 2006, p.134). In other words, when a person has skills and knowledge in an extra language apart from the mother tongue, he or she can be able to work in an environment where this extra language is spoken without being limited by language. In this regard, it can be argued that language courses develops the linguistic capability of a person to be able to work in any environment without the limitation that emanates from failure to understand the language of a particular group of people.

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Proficiency in a particular foreign language alone does not guarantee success in a person’s career in the global labour market. In addition to language, there is need for one to understand the culture of people whom he intends to work with. According to Mohn (2010), different communities or rather cultures around the world attach different meaning to words and symbols that are used in communication. With this in mind, language courses have been found to offer an opportunity to people to learn the perception of different communities across the globe towards words and symbols of communication. The knowledge of these cultures would therefore play an important role in helping one to interact well in a foreign culture.

In essence, foreign language and culture cannot in any way be ignored in the classroom if people are to be prepared for global job opportunities. Understanding of a particular language and culture sets a foundation for one to be able to communicate and interact well when working among people with a different language and cultural background from his or hers (Olssen, 2004). This can only be achieved through attending specific courses that are tailored in such a way that they provide sufficient and correct information on the language and cultural background of these communities. 

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