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Hotels are the backbone of the tourism department of any country. A revolutionary development had been seen in the field of hotel management for last few years. Working field of an individual hotel was also increased in that era and still developing under the same era. That’s the time when IT (information technology) comes in the picture. Information technology had done a fantastic job in the field of hotel management. It made the complicated hotel management which was increasing day by day as simple as the jobs which used to take a lot of time can be done in a few minutes. Seeing this importance of information technology in hotel management the companies owing the hotel makes his own IT strategy which has some common points but some specifications also that can attract the tourists or their customers. The hotels having good facilities but having poorer IT strategies lack in the race of attracting people. So for increasing their transaction, companies should have better IT strategies.

IT in case of a hotel is related to the comforts of IT field a person can get in that hotel, online registration facility is available or not and etc. keeping these things in mind a company decides its information technology strategy. For example we pick hotel Jakarta Indonesia, it has 580 rooms with hand-carved hardwood furniture, marble bathroom, self-controlled ac system, extensive video programming, mini bars, fashion arcade, tannic center and many more specific features and these all features can be easily found if one is doing R&D about them on net. This hotel is also going to start online registration service which is a part of their IT strategy.

IT and Guest Service

Pre-registration or pre-reservation is a fine service provided by the reputed hotels. It helps a lot for the foreigner or the person not having anyone in same area. Rooms in the hotels can be booked online by paying some advance fee or full fee (as recommended by the hotel authority) and the room that the person chooses will be booked if available. In the general process of booking a room, the person has to be registered to the hotel authority while which he has to fill-up a form asking general details about him (e.g.-name, contact no. , address, e-mail address, password, and a security code, terms and conditions of the hotel authority etc) and then the first step will be completed and then in the next step the person will be asked to select a room and then the step of online payment will come. Once you are registered to the hotel you can check your all visits and you will not have to register again which a great IT strategy

IT has also improved guest service in the hotels. A telephone network is created in the hotel, one device and the numbers of every department are available in each room, person staying in the hotel can easily to the department from which he needs help or wants assistance. This technology is so amazing all the reputed hotels are using this. Many hotels also use a tremendous wireless system in which all the working facility of the hotel the always in contact with the main server. Many hotels are also giving internet and wi-fi facilities so their customers can easily be connected to the whole world 24*7. Many hotels offer conference hall or meeting hall for the companies which are in a requirement of this hall for business purpose. At the reception of the hotel all the information is stored the person checking in or checking our will submit his keys to the counter and date and time will be registered to the computer. All the information of the hotel is safely stored in a server and also a backup is created everyday. Many hotels give their customer a card which looks a simple debit or credit card while checking in or out of the room they will have to slide the card through the machine just beside the door, all the information automatically gets recorded in the card. It improves the security of the hotel. Many hotels also provide secret security lockers so the precious things of the customers will remain as is it during their stay. These all things are included in the information technology strategy of a hotel. 

The above written facilities always do a fabulous work in attracting people to the hotel beside all other stunning features of the hotel these IT features increases the comfort level of the person staying in the hotel. Without these services the stay will be a little rough. So these IT strategies increase the transaction level of the hotel. Actually this transaction level is a bit technical word which is understood in Economics under the title Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) but for general understanding we can consider is as the daily business done by the hotel company. If the customer is delighted by the features of the hotel he will become the regular customer of that hotel and if the hotel is having franchisees then he’ll give the same preference to them too as well as he’ll recommend the same hotel to his colleagues and relatives. So in this way the brand name or the popularity of the hotel increases and in this field customer satisfaction is the only thing which matters. One should remember that here customer also plays a role of co-producer. So if once the panel of the hotel management makes right strategy of hotel management and set-up those things correctly then these will give great results to the business of the hotel. 

IT Strategies in Hotel Business

In hotel information technology strategy it should be remembered that the cost of the IT system that is going to placed should not be much more than the profit you are going to earn from it (as the software and the system or the set-up are much costly if they are of good quality) because there are many more other factors that mainly effects the transaction of a hotel as location (the locality of the hotel should be good, there should be visiting places or holly places or it should be placed in a metro city), many other features like swimming pool, sports ground, restaurant, bars, pub and etc. so all should be calculated then the action should be taken that’s why it is called the strategy of in formation technology in hotel management.

Now IT has become so important in our life computers, internet, mobile phones and other devices have become an essential part of our life, without them we could not imagine our life, it will a very positive point for a hotel if it has all these facilities. And also for the management for a hotel it is essential. Imagine how difficult it would be to manage a hotel having around 300 rooms, swimming pool, gardens, and shops for shopping, and many other things without proper IT facilities or without a proper strategy about those IT things.

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In the area of promotion or advertising their hotel companies take help from the IT department. They usually advertise about them in the various websites or some hotels advertise themselves in TVs and radios. Some hotels also make bonds with different travel agencies and they advertise themselves by the means of IT. Many hotel companies also promote the city to improve the tourism their for example a hotel which is in Paris makes a short description on Paris in which it shows the visiting places in Paris and also at advertise their hotel too by the means of IT. So this is also a good strategy to promote and increase their business by the means of IT. 

As the business related to hotels is not limited across the city or state or country, it is spread all over the world and the customer related to it can be any where in the city so for this business development in the field of IT is one of the most essential things a hotel must have. Actually development in the IT services indicates towards the overall development of the hotel. If the hotel has well IT services like phone network, internet facilities, wi-fi facility          , network of workers always connected to the sever, well management at the reception area, well security system then the customer will be delighted and as we know that if customer is once delighted it can increase business of the hotel by many ways. And also if the IT services and the strategies related to it are fine then the can be advertised in a great manner and the transaction of the will be increased.

If the hotel facility is fine then the tourism will increase and economically the country and the company both will be happy and we had already seen that IT is so important in making a hotel successful and a successful hotel makes a perfect business and opens opportunity for other businesses. And if the hotel is successful it can spread its success by opening its branches.

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