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John Wayne airport is operated and owned by the county of orange in California. John Wayne airport brags of being the only commercial service airport operating in orange county. It is located among the cities of Irvine, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, and approximately 35 miles south of Los Angeles. Its’ service is spread on 34 cities with more than three million people, and the orange county unincorporated area. Nearly nine million people in 2011 were served by John Wayne airport. In the orange county, John Wayne airport is the only airport that also provides air-cargo services, and the primary providers of general aviation facilities and services in the county. It also happens to be home to medical/mercy flights and the local law enforcement air operations. To millions of passengers, John Wayne airport is the only gateway, from where they travel to their families, homes, their businesses and their vacations. The airport’s two runways serve both commercial and private aircrafts. The main runway is of 5700 feet and the general aviation runways are about 2887 feet.

John Wayne airport’s vision is to be a world class aviation gateway for leisure and business travel. Also, its mission is to direct, provide and plan the highest quality of aviation facilities and services for orange county in a secure, safe and efficient manner. From the airport’s mission and vision, it is clearly reflected that the airport’s value to the orange county community lies in its role as the provider of air transportation service in orange county.


The John Wayne airport land was initially owned by Irvine company, and the first airstrip in this land was constructed in 1923. This was a time, when a flying school had been founded by Eddie Martin. The orange county purchased the land in 1939 through a land swap and from then, it remains under the management and ownership of orange county. In World War II, the airport serviced as a military base but was later returned to the county by the federal government with the directives that it should stay open to all the aviation use. The Eddie Martin terminal, which is of 22000-square feet, was constructed to accommodate 400000 passengers annually in the year 1967. On remodeling, two passengers holding areas were added in 1974. In1980, a new baggage claim place and a terminal building in 1982 were added. All this brought the expansion of the facility to 29000-square feet.

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Non-stop flights were reached by Denver in 1982, Salt Lake city in 1966 to 1977, Dallasfort worth in1983, in 1986 reached Chicago and in 1991 the New York Kennedy. In 1979, the airport was renamed the John Wayne airport, and a statue was commissioned by the John Wayne’s associates. The bronze statue of “the duke” was created by sculptor Robert summers and was dedicated to the orange county on November 4th, 1982. The bronze statue is today found at the Thomas Riley terminal, which is on the arrival level. The Thomas Riley terminal was opened to the public in 1990. The Eddies martin terminal, which was aging, was later replaced with a new facility approximately of 337900 square-feet. This new facility included 4 baggage carousels, 14 loading bridges, wide open space, departure level and distinct roadside arrival. The unused and old Eddie Martin terminal was later demolished in 1994.

Existing terminals were refreshed and additional terminal space was added in 2011. Dedicated commuter gate area was build along with six additional gates in terminal c, and central utility plant was constructed as an additional facility along with a new parking lot c.

Ownership and Management

John Wayne airport is a publicly own facility owned by the orange county, and with a Costa mesa address.  The board of supervisor consists of a five member panel that oversees the management of the orange county government. Mr. Alan l. Murphy is the airport director, and he is responsible for developing the airport’s policy and also administers the activities associated with commercial airport operations. The director has responsibilities for five divisions of the airport, which include: Business Development, Airport Operations, Facilities, Public Affairs and Finance. The airport’s budget and stuff is also overseen by the airport director.

Current Operating and Capital Budgets

John Wayne airport is working on a $512 million capital expansion program that will take approximately five years.  The expansion program improves the operations within the airport in order to meet the current anticipated future needs and demands. The airport is an enterprising fund that is self-supporting through the generated revenues, and it receives no funds from the county general funds. Repayment of airport revenue bonds is provided by utilization of the net revenue from the airport’s operation. The airport’s key trends are all contained in the narrative operating fund 280.

Significant Current and Future Development Projects

In 2005, the $512 expansion plan was approved, which would add 300000 square feet of terminal, 2500 parking spaces, six more bridges, custom area  and other improvements on the land slide. The airport’s anticipation is to build the 20 gates design but may hinder it from adding others at a later date. The extension of the John Wayne runway has been considered, but it had lately not been pursued.


Like any other airport, John Wayne airport is facing environmental challenges. The main environmental challenge is the noise management. A lot of harmful noises are produced from the airport to the surrounding thing that is affecting the population that lives around the airport. The area, lying directly south of the airport is a noise sensitive area. Commercial departure is prohibited from 10 pm to 7 pm or 8 pm on Sundays, and 11pm to 7pm or 8 pm on Sundays on all arrivals. Exceptions are made only for mechanical, emergency, weather or air traffic control. All this are beyond the control of any airline. A settled agreement was altered to increase operation in 2003, but it only focused on the aircrafts that meet the lowest noise levels. The airport is responsible to report and publish noise report to the people.

Another environmental challenge is the use of land. With the demand of the airport expansion, more lands are needed and hence populated land has to clear and create for the use of the airport. Some people in the orange county are protesting over the land use by the airport. On the contrary, John Wayne airport is trying to reduce noise pollution from the airport by implementing noise monitoring program.

Level of Commercial Passengers’ Service by Carrier, Destination and Market Share

According to a top destination survey taken from march 2011 to February 2012, it suggests that phoenix is the top destination. Around 490000 passengers used Southwest carrier and US airways carries to phoenix. Among the top ten destinations from John Wayne airport, Southwest carrier is the dominating carrier with the largest numbers of passengers and different destinations. In 2010, the total number of passengers served in John Wayne airport was 8663452 compared to 8609008 in 2011. This is a 0.6 decrease in the total of the number of passengers served.          

The Level of Cargo Service by the Carrier and Poundage/Tonnage Carried

Approximately 14936 tones of air cargo were moved through the airport in 2010 as compared to15612 tones in 2011. This is a 4 percent increase, and it portrays the air-cargo growth in John Wayne airport. The airport now handles about 25000 tons of air-cargo annually.

General Aviation Activities on the Field

Aviation activities in the airport include takeoffs and landing, general aviation, commercial, commuter, and military activities. These activities vary as some portray an increase in activities, while some portray a decrease. The airport offer a state of the art terminal facilities and has a comprehensive list of commercial carriers, including Southwest, American west, United, Delta, American, Air Canada, Continental airline and Alaska airlines The airport also offers remarkable service that includes several fixed base operators, who supply fuel products and offer maintenance.

John Wayne airport land use is governed by the airport land use commission (ALUC), which has the basic responsibilities of assisting the local agencies in ensuring that compatible land uses in the vicinity of all airport, in the orange county. The ALUC is tasked with reviewing land use proposals near military and civilian airports with potential effect on airport operation. ALUC ensures that facilities and people are not concentrated in the area around the airport due to the aircraft incidents. They also ensure that land use does not affect the operational integrity of the navigable airspace and the airport. Noise from the airport is also under the ALUC watch.

The airport has ample parking area for passengers and also waiting room and clear areas, which cover a large part of the structures. John Wayne airport is currently served by two fully serviced fixed based operators, and a limited use of general aviation facility with no sale of fuel. It is also a home to about 500 general aviation aircraft. Security and public safety are given much priority in the airport with extremely few incidences of insecurity and lack of public safety.

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