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According to successful entrepreneurs, leadership skills are not a preference when one is building a business process. For an entrepreneur, developing leadership skills is all about developing the mindset and the way people or situations are handled. The following are the areas to be worked on when developing leadership skills:


Leaders need to have high ethics. They should be honest. If one is to gain other people's trust then he or she should have high. An actual situation where this can be practiced in Pegasus is by every employee taking a responsibility of his or her actions. A blame game should not be played when things go wrong. Various departmental leaders should take a personal responsibility for their team’s actions and results.


The departmental heads or leaders of Pegasus should learn to be passionate. They should be enthusiastic about their work and they should even have the ability to rub the energy off on their employees. The assignments given should be taken enthusiastically.


Every employee in Pegasus should be commitment to his work. Leaders in Pegasus must work hard and have a strong discipline in following through with their work.


The departmental of Pegasus heads should be courageous so as to gain the trust of their employees. Employees are the ones who are more credible in telling an organization's story hence if the employees are uninformed or misinformed or not treated well, a bad picture or message will sent to the potential clients, investors, future employees and regulators with whom employees interact. They should be brave when they confront risks and the unknown. The final test of a leader’s courage is the courage to be open up or speak up on things that matter.

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Goal Oriented

Leaders should be focused on the objectives that need to be attained. They should develop a plan and strategy to achieve the objectives. Also, they will need to build a commitment from the team and rally them to achieve the organization’s goal. 

Developing People

Developing employees by training, coaching or teaching them is one of the main qualities of a good leader. No one can achieve organizational goals alone. A team is needed in order to realize the goals. Leaders develop the people to build a stronger team so that the organization is effective.


Leaders do the most vital and essential things first despite of their interest in them. According to them, whatever that needs to be done should be accomplished with the best possible effort. The leaders of Pegasus should start developing leadership skills in there area by recognizing what are the important tasks to complete first (Shah, 2010).

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