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 People make a plenty of decisions during their lifetime, and very often they are ruled by two moral philosophies: deontology and teleology. Sometimes people mix them, however, they are quite different. If to speak about deontology, the easiest way to explain its main idea is an example of Ten Commandments. People are taught to follow them from the earliest childhood, when parents say their children: “Do not lie” or “Respect your parents”. Therefore, deontology is a duty-oriented philosophy.  As for teleology, its vision of the world is quite different. The result is the main object of teleology, which is oriented on ethics and often based on consequences. Consequently, according to teleology, the more happiness the result brings, the best decisions were made.

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The main purpose of business is profit. Nowadays, modern business requires the right and timely decision making. Situations, which often occur in the process of decision making, can conflict with one’s morality. As a result, it causes stress, confrontations and misunderstandings. Deontology, in my opinion, will create frames in operation of a business. It usually happens because of overuse of the phrase “do not”. However, teleology helps find the new ways, solutions and creativity to rule the idea, when there is a limited access to the resources.

However, if to take into account different business models and ways of business establishment, the best is win – to – win model. It helps create an appropriate atmosphere for personal and professional growth. According to White and his work “Moral Inquiry”, we make moral judgments concerning our behavior. Teleology gives the choice and understanding that we are responsible for the results. However, it can sound as proclaiming the idea of a superman. Despite this illusion, teleology helps people be responsible for choices and have a perspective of their life, which is not limited with frames, created by Ten Commandments.

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