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The founder of the National Nurse in Business Association is David Norris. As a cure nurse, from Petaluma, he is also the founder of the Nurse Entrepreneur Exchange. Norris has been in business for 27 years. Recently, the association has just completed a conference. The purpose of the association is the issue of self-employment, to offer to continue education to nurses and to support nurses who have an interest in registered nurse business ownership.

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The Mission of NNBA

The mission of NNBA is to provide business opportunities for nurses, act as a national voice for nurses that are business, to maintain a satisfactory networking arena for the members, offer business training, provide unlimited coaching and referral coaching to trusted vendors, and to offer collegial support for nurses in the entrepreneurship. As members of the association, they have an interest in building the networking arena and to expand the entrepreneurship plans. The friendly mission is deployed in the organization.


The membership of the association is limited to only 450 at the national level. Currently, there is no state policy issue that NNBA has in place. The association levies a fee of $99 annually. NNBA is not yet ready to handle registered nurse students at this time. As compared to other organizations they have reachable fees. Membership to NNBA has a lot of advantages/ benefits; there is 100% on all products to members, there exist self-employment opportunities, a member can start a business much easier with less risk of losing. The benefits of the association are tailor-made hence they have to train members to meet their needs.

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Organizations’ Views and Involvement

The function of the organization is to training and educating persons in the medical field to become self-sufficient as businessmen/women. The following are the involvement of the organization:

  1. NNBA will train and educate an individual on any job title. They are also involved in training from experts in the field.
  2. There are six steps in becoming successful business entrepreneurs under NNBA: discover your options as a self-employed RN or business owner, select the type of work one enjoys doing, obtain the necessary knowledge needed to provide the service or product, obtain the business knowledge, write an action plan, and finally, start and grow your business.

Personal Insights and Analysis of the Organization

Personal insights and analysis of the organization/justification and rationale for viewpoint. After interviewing members of the organization, it was noted that they had the willingness to share the knowledge they had. For easy consultation services, the company is has a website where one can talk to the president of the organization on one. The rationale is that the company is stable enough for me to invest my money since they offer money refunds if the client is not satisfied with the service he/she has received. While at the company I had to introduce some professional ideas that could help the organization to raise funds: selling books like Emergency nursing bible, Business plan templates, and starting health care books, sell of DVDs and CDs.

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