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The Nike Company has lately been facing strenuous moments following the sequences of allegations facing Tiger Woods and Ben Roethlisberger. In my opinion as a Nike consultant, the company should continue to sponsor Tiger Woods. Although Tiger Woods has proclaimed that he is taking an imprecise break from golf, having admitted unfaithfulness, Nike should keep on sponsoring him. The company will have much to lose if it attempts to terminate his services. The company has invested heavily in Woods, through the whole collection of golf sportswear and equipment has been built around him. Recalling that Nike signed him in when he turned professional in 1996, in a contract valued $40m a year. By then the company had previously not got into the golf market.

Although Woods has a great public backing, we should be worried about his potential in the game. The company's connection with Woods has stimulated Nike's growth. It has assembled a trademark with the slogan `Just Do It' by uniting with contentious sportsmen. In my opinion he has been great in his performances considering his commitment, insight and patience. These have been the column of his approach. Moreover Woods remains the best in his field and hence we should honor his performance in the sport, considering that he is the one holding the title of the best golfer in the world. The company should therefore give Woods its full support and esteem his appeal for privacy and not indulge in his private affairs.

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On the other hand Ben Roethlisberger who has been accused of assault is blemishing the Nike's name following the allegations of raping an underage girl. Such allegations are slowly but surely eroding the image of the company considering the fact that the company is selling its products with a rapist as its role model. Nike Company being the biggest shoe maker in the world should not stand by Ben at this juncture considering the public opinion. Moreover his cruelty to women is not tolerable, he treats women like garbage and therefore the company should not continue supporting him. Ever since, the company has been in the front line to support humane corporate values and hence considering the rape allegations against him, the company should not go on having him as its front man. There is no point of having Ben who has been tainted with being a rapist wear a company's logo in public.

Nike's main objective is to earn profit. Therefore the Company has chosen to obtain this goal by advertising with highly admired athletes. Nike is still fashionable, but if it continues to have irresponsible and brutal associates, who mistreats women, the reputation of the company will be spoilt. Although Ben's two Superbowl Championships are an asset to the company, rape allegations are bad for business. Nike's failure to drop Ben Roethlisberger could be more uncomplimentary to communal standards than it is to Nike. Nike always answers to the market therefore we have to support civilization.

In contrast to Woods, Roethlisberger has been charged of actual crimes, in the form of two sexual abuses in the past two years. Although Roethlisberger has disagreed with both claims and none of the criminal accusations have been brought to book in either case, there are a lot of negative things linked with Ben, who will make the products associated with him have a negative implication to the public. In conclusion the company should take a step of advancing the sponsorship of Tiger Woods and terminating its contract with Ben Roethlisberger to stabilize the position of the company in the market.

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