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Accountability in this context is about being responsible for my actions and having the willingness to share these actions with others. By taking hundred percent responsibility, I am destined to improve in my performance, work relationships, and handling patients better. The result is great respect and high esteem as others will know of my abilities and try to emulate them. I will endeavor to do things that I am required to accomplish and no one will get upset. To succeed, I must plan my goals, responsibilities, and actions with minimal supervision or correction (Buchanan, 2010). To be personally accountable, I intend to choose to have effective communication with others, spend time wisely, and agree to good mannerisms and behavior. Besides, I endeavor to be respectful and considerate to others, have good eating habits and regular exercises, and finally have the right attitude and thoughts. 

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The world is changing and is forcing me to improve my current skills and knowledge in nursing. I listen to my superiors, co-workers and learn more from their experiences. I always ask about interesting issues, and they ask me how things in the workplace can be improved. I ensure to fulfill my current job tasks before moving on to a new career by seeking help from others and also assisting them. I also plan to extend my contact network, make priorities, and plan for the next job or designation. I always update my resume, do certification tests and convert my dreams into actions (Maddux, 2003).

I am responsible for managing my professional growth through having realistic expectations and clear responsibilities. I wish to widen my knowledge in nursing, relationships with people, medical processes, and other related skills. In addition, I will offer guidance, time, and professional support to those who need my expertise. To succeed, I need to assemble resources that will assist in professional development and it includes taking official study leave, accumulating study finances, and taking on the studies. I need to talk to my family, friends, peers, supervisors, HR professionals, and mentors to guide and advise me in this regard. I wish to undertake graduate education in nursing and gain more additional training opportunities. I also plan to gain access to a variety of reading materials like journals, books, and periodicals.

I purpose to learn and adopt the best practice in the medical field by learning from successful people within the department, especially those who have a bright career path. I know I have limited time to engage in studies, blend with family demands and raise an enviable portfolio. I intend to apply my task and rule-oriented leadership skills to get the best out of people. Some require counseling while others need the motivation to move a step from their current positions. With my good interpersonal skills, I will try to get opinions of people about pursuing certain careers in nursing which have a possibility of being adopted in the coming years (Miller, 2011). I will let people give suggestions about the problems they are facing and brainstorm together for possible solutions. I will only escalate issues requiring more attention to the top-level management for strategic and financial consideration. Besides, I will inculcate good behavior at the workplace for others to follow. Moreover, I will try to be as objective as possible and suppress subjective decisions.

My immediate goal is to train in counseling psychology which is an area widely covering the human psychology. I wish to take this route to allow me to understand people’s behavior and reasons why they behave the way they do. I intend to allocate funds to enroll in the program in the next three months and expect to complete it after eighteen months. I will need resources; disciple and motivation to get through, but above all, I need to have a vision for the nursing career.

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