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Business organizations are constantly searching for effective sources, which may help optimize their operations. Automation and outsourcing are considered to be rather important tools in that process.

Automation was implemented by special techniques and equipment during the Industrial Revolution, when manual labor was substituted by machines. A great amount of workers lost their jobs because of automation. There were hundreds of thousands of people who resisted automation. Since then, automation has involved different techniques and equipment with the aim to control and optimize the company`s processes and operations. Automation provides a wide range of the core technology capabilities and solutions in the process of manufacturing goods. In order to improve their revenues and incomes, companies try to find out what automation technologies may be used. In today`s technological era, there is hardly any organization, which does not need automation systems. For example, mobile telephones, which are used by everyone today, are portable automotive systems that have changed people`s life and give the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other.

Automation is beneficial for thousands of processes and systems, which are all around human`s life. A lot of things are done automatically. For example, traffic lights do not need a special worker to change the lights. Automation helps to save people`s time. Hand-made job was substituted by automation. Initially, automation has met a great dissatisfaction of workers and different kinds of employees, but nowadays, it has become a common thing. Today, nobody can even imagine their life without automation.

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Outsourcing is considered to be a process, when a third party is carrying out a company`s work. Outsourcing has a lot of potential benefits, such as access to greater skills, experience, lower costs, and more efficient scaling of business activities among others. The research asserts that outsourcing is a strategic tool, which helps companies to gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, it gives opportunities for organizations to improve customer service, i.e. customers may be served faster with better quality. Outsourcing helps organizations to avoid different risks and challenges. For example, when organizations` functions are outsourced, the leaders can be surer that they will save time and money. Therefore, outsourcing gives companies` leaders an opportunity to concentrate their attention and skills on the core activities of the company. Outsourcing, being an effective tool of business operations, improves productivity and efficiency of business process. Another important feature of outsourcing is a possibility to find skilled and professional employees. It is worth mentioning that employees and the attendant infrastructure are rather important for every organization. Moreover, every organization can benefit from lower cost. For example, offshore outsourcing can give the company a perfect opportunity to save money using better quality as well.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that automation and outsourcing are the main tools to optimize business organizations, which may help to achieve better results and gain companies` aims and revenues.   

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