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Oranges Computer Co. is one of the leading enterprises in the technology sector of the market in the area.  Company provides a vast range of computer appliances and supports the consumers from the moment of purchase and till the installation is completed. The company’s key stream in business is warranty and post-warranty service and customers’ satisfaction at all times. The corporation strives to remain one in the number of the top players on the market, providing products and services of the highest quality. Expected yearly profit is 1875000 dollars. The business anticipates maximizing revenues, maintaining low prices and producing top of the line computers. We are going to do this by updating  system of bookkeeping and upholding financial statements.

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Investment of 16% of the yearly profit in TWAIN would lead to downsizing of the financial and accounting departments of the company, which is cutting down the expense on the executive workers’ salary. The saved amount of money can be used for developing another company’s departments, for example engineering and marketing ones. Such way the company improves its products and their distribution. Management and investors would benefit from the up-to-date real-time reports. The most essential improvement in the financial statement process would be automatic generation of them on an on-demand basis, independently from the service personnel.

Our company will improve due to the updated bookkeeping system through significant acceleration of the financial reports production. The new TWAIN system will increase the work of managerial department and help to meet the demands of the investors faster and on upper level. As TWAIN will only deal with current financial statements, it would be providing the latest results only. The system would allow the corporation to outrun its competitors by means of advancing technologically and in the field of marketing because of its high profitability. Management would become more effective, and TWAIN would be a crucial point in the new history of  company success.

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