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Organization behavior is the study and use of skills and how people, individuals and groups perform in organizations.  It combines people organization associations in terms of the whole person, whole group, whole organization and whole communal system. Its aim is to build better relations by achieving human objectives, organizational and social objectives.

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Differences Between Group and Team

A team is within organized. It is organized within an organization where members form a team in order to achieve certain objectives. For a group, it is just a collection of people who come together and form a group. There might people of the same age. In a team, members have specific goals, which they want to achieve in the organization while, a group may have something in common or common interest. For example, if they want to be good football players, they form groups so that they can be training together and improve on their talent. The strength of a team depends on the commonality of the purpose and joining between the individual members. When people are in a group, they combine their effort and come up with strong decisions. In a group, strength comes from total capacity or the readiness of the participants to carry out a specific leader’s command. The members may refuse to do what they are commanded by their leaders to do and in so doing the group may be weak because some members do not obey their leader.

It is difficult to form a team because one should look at the people who will achieve the objectives of the organization and will not let it down. Forming a group is easy because people with a common interest come to form the group. The success of a team is determined by the progress of achieving their objectives. Team members have an interest of helping each other in order to achieve their goals. While the success of a group is determined by the final results and not probably the progress used to achieve the results. In a team, all members are having a shared responsibility for the outcomes obtaining target. In a group, each member is responsible for his or her own performance. Absence of a member in a team may cause serious consequences because they work as one to achieve the objectives of the organization. In a group, an individual can withdraw at any time when his contribution becomes unsuccessful.

Diversity as The Collection of Ideas

It generates organizational problems and challenges and also offers outstanding profits in the workplace. It can enhance the organization’s awareness to growing diverse world business, improve relations within an environment, buildup the organization power to cope with change and increase the creativity of the organization. Team working together in the workforce gives an opportunity to share different perception about a specific topic. Individual skills and strengths vary massively and when pooled can generate new skills and ideas. This diversity of generated ideas helps the team to have a number of achievable results and they consider advanced number of alternatives before finalizing their decision thus making a worth decision. A diverse work force leads to profitability and minimizes the cost of employee substitutes. Teams working together use their ability in order to carry out tactical plans, business plans and company policy.

Thereby, making them the most valued possession within the organization. This makes the company to be productive and cost-effective. Teams working together increases problem solving knowledge and innovation, quality and decrease turnover and absenteeism and this improves organizational effectiveness as well as ensuring continues flow of work in the organization. Working as a team also promotes higher excellence work; it creates a sense of possession to the scheme. Possessing ownership on a specified scheme increases effectiveness and good client service quality to an individual. This enhances company image to its customers. Diversity in globalization is another key aspect in the organization. It requires the firms to hire minority members with the cultural and language skills global companies’ needed. By relating to people of all backgrounds, and put them as a team the organization will gain a greater proportion on how different civilization operates and use these skills and attributes for worldwide market competency.

The idea of diversity will continue to be an involved aspect of the commercial environments of today and in the future. Organization must hold and understand the significance of diversity in order to remain aggressive, it will also react to globalization and advance innovative and output within its society. The use of teams’ workforce in the organization will lead organization achieving its goals and have quality products.

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