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Free Example of Pegasus Company Essay

This is an essay on how good interpersonal communication skills can be used to make Pegasus Companywhichisa large aerospace research and development company to remain effective and efficient in the current competitive world of marketing. The employees of Pegasus Company have felt that the company is disintegrating due to difficulties in communication, which in turn make it more difficult to get projects completed in a timely manner. The significance of a comprehensive internal communications plan, especially at this time for this company is very crucial since the way employees, association members and the interconnected audiences such as investors, trustees and business partners perceive the company is fundamental to its success. The level and speed of change is growing rapidly in many companies; every corporate body is continually becoming dynamic in attempting to be relevant in the current economic world. The rapid transformations cause a lot of employee anxiety, pressure and lack of loyalty. In the meantime, the internal audiences are also bombarded with information not only from inside the company, but also from labour and professional groups.

The dynamics of the workplace are changing internal communications. The faster development of communications technology and the rapid extension of communications channels will create special opportunities to Pegasus bearing in mind that it started out as a small company and has grown rapidly over the last few years. For some organizations like Pegasus which has no appreciation for professional communications techniques and technology, internal communications mean that people in different skill groupsdo not communicate with each other except to pass along designs, projects, and other pertinent ideas to complete project goals. This is a kind of a company that believe employees and other internal audiences should be informed only about what they need to know so they can do their work (Brown, 2002).

The essay also examines how developing leadership skills can help Pegasus Company to overcome its challenges. The essay purely makes use of literature review to collect the information.  

Improving Departmental Communication

To maintain good communication, the employees of a given department need to make clear the goals and strategies of communication that pertain to their department.  The organization should also encourage communication on a personal level. The following steps can be undertaken to improve interpersonal communication in the various departments of Pegasus Company:

Assess the problem

It is easy to improve interpersonal communication within an organization when it is done at the departmental level. Knowing what specific problems are in a given department is the best strategy for making improvements. Information should be sought from everyone within the department. It is beneficial for bigger organizations to like Pegasus to have professional evaluations from a third party. For example in Pegasus, people in the various skill groups like engineers, designers and  R&D have a problem of not frequently communicating to each other except at the point of passing along designs, projects, and other pertinent ideas to complete project goals. This has led to many problems in the company because each type of worker has his/her own language for his/her subculture of the organization. This is what has led to projects taking a long time to full completion due to mistakes in the plans, redoing the mistakes, and failing to take into account the specifications of the scientists and engineers by the Computer Aided Designers because they have not been clearly communicated.

Make communication a primary goal

Although good communication skills are crucial to a well functioning department, the necessity of communication should not be neglected when the various departments of Pegasus lay out their priorities. The scientists must explain clearly their specifications to the Computer Aided Designers to avoid unnecessary mistakes so that the projects will be completed in time.

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To develop a system for conflict resolution

Action should be taken when employees are not communicating or when they deliberately undermine one another. A policy should be put in place i.e. the professional code of conducts that will immediately solve serious conflict. They should insist on employees acting professionally. In Pegasus, there is channel of solving the interpersonal communication problem that has led to projects not to be completed in time. Out of this there is rumbling among the staff about leaving company to join other companies that pay better and seem to be more competitive for contracts.

Clarify the vital information

During the evaluation process the information gathered from the employees should be used effectively. Out of this, the information that is not usually communicated effectively should be identified and the reasons behind it. An example in Pegasus is why the scientists are not being clear about their specifications to Computer Aided Designers.

Build up a strategy for clear communication

It should be ensured that each employee of Pegasus is clear about his or her communication responsibilities so as to avoid unnecessary confusion and a breakdown in the communication chain. For example, what information they are responsible for and to whom they should give it instead of rumbling. Employees and colleagues should be provided with a set of guidelines.

Every person must be encouraged to participate

Each employee should be made to know that his or her contribution is very significant in the organization or company.  Employees from various departments according to the skill groups or levels should be encouraged to interact. Departmental events should be held in which individuals can interact in a social or free context (Robert, 2010).


A Company like Pegasus which has no devoted, effective internal communications plan, allows others to influence what information is communicated to the employees about their organization. Since Pegasus is located in a highly concentrated technical area of the country, where there are other companies that pay better and seem to be more competitive for contracts, the company stands a chance of losing their best and brightest employees and thus the pressing need to streamline their organization to remain effective, efficient, and competitive. The reality is that a good internal communications program does not only affect the organizational and operational success, but it has a substantial impact on external functions such as marketing, community and government relations, and investor relations. Developing leadership skills is a long process. Some people are born with such characteristics thus they develop into leaders much faster. Leadership is also a set of behavior as much as a skill therefore it is possible to learn leadership skills. Through the implementation of the above, Pegasus company will overcome its challenges

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