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In the contemporary world, any business with no sound and effective company social responsibility policies in place has no place for efficient continued growth (MCWILLIAMS, 2001). The companies should adopt a honorable code of behaviour and  conduct and ethical behaviour like body shop company initiatives. One of the major and most successful initiatives which body shop has put in place is the use of an effective supply chain for their products. Body shop makes use of their sustainable chain supply strategy to ensure that there is the promotion and the maintenance of the social ethical behaviors in the business.

It is therefore in the best practices and interests for the company to reach out to the marginalized communities in the business to help in the provision of the raw materials for the manufacture of the beauty products. It also partakes in the development of the market for such small scale suppliers. The company therefore has adequate policy guidelines put on the ground to help in the guidance of the best practices possible in the business (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1999). The Body Shop Company has also put in place strategies to correct any errant deviations which might be realized in the business and its bid to effectively implement the community focused policies.

The company social responsibilities are more profound among the multinational companies like the Body Shop. In many cases the body shop tries to outsource its raw materials to its customers.  Moreover body shop as a multinational company behaves socially reasonable beyond its jurisdiction (Bulley, 2009). This has ensured the sustainability of its customer base this includes the company’s sensitivity to its environmental and the required standards of the labor practices of its partners.

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This has been developed by the Body Shop by including strategies such as third party logistic providers and intermediaries in which they have no ownership. The Body Shop as a multinational company also adopted trading to purchasing approach where it shifted from short term where focus of buying articles to long term focus of fewer suppliers (Bulley, 2009). This is an attempt of the company to develop quality products where prices are also fair and affordable to all, taking into account it social and environmental responsibility

The company has also realized that the product promotion is very important aspect in the multinational company operation (ASX Corporate Governance Council., 2007). As a result, the company has and included in their strategies the aspect of business promotion using the catalogues. For the same reason, the company has been involved in printing of catalogues which are given out to the customers with their purchases. It is important to note that the company catalogues always contains all the company information descriptions and so any person who purchases the products is bound to receive the explanation of all the company products (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1999). The initiative has been found to be very effective.

The global financial crisis influence on the business has also been of great importance to the company management (Buehler, Freeman, & Hulme, 2008).  Body shop management has always tried too combat this problem by various ways that includes some of which includes attending risk management forums that are meant to cushion the company against undergoing these major problems that are posing great liability to the company. In addition the company is in a position to organize risk and liability response teams that are charged with the responsibility of reacting to posing risks that may arise in the company. These efforts are meant to cushion the company from the global financial crisis that usually leaves so many companies depressed and some often do collapse

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