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As the "devil`s advocate", one is bound and set to be against other person`s wishes. Hence, such people reject the ideas and undertakings of others despite working in a team of a particular organization. Given that, I am in a team that is required to make a decision whether to stop or to continue with current production, I will support the team in seeking to stop the current production in order to fulfill the requirements of custom job. In that respect, I would have acted as the devil's advocate by advocating for the rush job. Hence, it is very likely to disrupt normal productions and operations of the company.

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Dialectical inquiry seeks to resolve opposing factors. On one hand, fellow team members are leaning towards telling the big `customer’ that the company is unable to fill the job. This translates to an increase in profits for the team members should they consider doing the rush job. Then, the team would need to reserve and postpone the current production which they can do at a later date even during part time and fill the rush job which in essence will bring extra bonuses to every team member. This makes it vital for the team to do the rush job in favor of the ongoing production.

The company has been in business for a long time and, it is the one, which employed me. The high-risk decisions involve a complex system of trajectories prior to the actual decision. My decision would have been to continue with the current production, thereby increasing the company`s productivity rather than thinking of filling the rush job which is short term and would lead to disruption of the daily activities of the company.

Questions to Ask Before Making the Final Decision

  • What would be the impact of stopping the current production to do the rush job?          
  •  Are there any benefits to the company after filling the rush job?
  • If yes, which are they?
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