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Free Example of Sales Activity for a Product or Services Essay

The following is the sales plan of Gam Gam limited phone platform. It will aim to describe the goals set forth by the company and the way to attain these goals. The sales plan will also assess the current sales of similar platforms in Southern England. Just like in many other businesses or companies, the sales plan will be an essential tool. This is because the sales plan will enable the company to keep and meet its cash flow objectives. This sales plan is meant to be used by the company consistently throughout the year as both a monitoring and a planning tool. It will increase communication between the sales department and other departments closely associated with the sales department. The sales plan will enhance and ensure that everyone is aware of the sales plans of Gam Gam Company. Therefore, this sales plan will assist the company in the successful completion of sales and company’s objectives of providing a sustainable taxi booking phone or tablet application.

Vision in the Next 3-5 Years: to produce and give customers the most reliable taxi booking application in England.

Mission: to offer world class application to help customers’ book for taxis with ease


The primary objective is to increase the sales of phone or tablet booking application from its current $ 1.5 million to $ 3.5 million in the north-east of England. Another objective is to open up a minimum of four new principal accounts with revenue potential of $ 1 million per year. Finally, this sales plan will aim at increasing the marketing of the taxi booking application so as to reach more customers and counter the stiff competitions presented by other companies providing similar platforms like the Zebra Company.


  1. Increase the sale of the platform by 7% and to increase daily business calls by 50 calls.
  2. Visit a taxi company that has implemented this platform in their taxi booking process.

Value of the Gam Gam Taxi Booking Phone or Tablet Application

Apart from helping customers book a taxi with ease, this taxi phone or tablet application will also help a customer to see a projected journey plotted on a map. It will enable a customer choose a vehicle or a taxi type depending on luggage and the number of passengers. This application will also offer customers an opportunity to pay for their taxi using a secure online payment service. This will mean that customers will not have to carry cash. Finally, this taxi phone booking application will enable a customer cancel a taxi booking at a click of a button.

Position in the Market or Territories

This service will enable taxi companies to operate in the north-east of England. This application will mainly target working people in the urban center. The application will also be of immense use to business people commuting from the city to the airport.

Pricing Structure

The pricing strategy of this platform will allow customers to make bookings and payments online at any time and from any part of Southern England. The platform will enable customers to control the prices and tariffs. A customer will have a chance to add a price of an intended destination. This will enable the taxi companies to have a full control of their business. The platform will also present a flat rate booking system. A client will specify a pickup postcode. From here, clients can then specify specific distances or prices between the pickup location and the desired location.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy will involve advertising through the media. It will involve direct marketing campaigns targeting taxi companies. Another marketing strategy will involve participating in exhibitions and trade fairs.


To ensure that this sales plan is effectively implemented, the company is intending to launch new training programs on how to use this platform. This will be achieved through advertisements, exhibitions and trade fairs.

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Factors to Consider when Selling this Platform Internationally

Selecting Agents and Distributors

To be successful in selling this platform internationally, selling through agents and distributors will be extremely essential. Agents and distributors included in the sale of this platform will need good market knowledge of this platform. The agents and distributors will also need to have a good existing customer base. They will also need to show a credible record of selling similar platforms or services. Identifying and choosing agents and distributors can be done via Internet search.

Diffusion of this Innovation

Good innovations do not necessarily diffuse well internationally. However, as people are becoming conscious of time, more taxi companies around the world will adopt this platform. Considering the relative advantage of this platform, many taxi companies will realize it will reduce their operation cost such a packing charges.

Technical Factors

Considering technical factors, they will involve looking at the limits at which this platform will function as designed. Technical factors will also involve looking at the possibilities of producing this platform and reasonable costs. This is because the per capita income of people is different around the world. Low per capita may mean this platform will not sell well internationally.

Societal Factors

This will involve considering whether this product is subject to any international laws that may limit, regulate, restrict or ban such platform. Considering such factors will enable to identify most oversees countries to launch this platform.

Business Risk Factors

Under business risk factors, one should consider how overseas customers will perceive this platform. It will also look at the durability and sustainability of the platform. Identifying the existing and new competition in the overseas market will also be considered under business risk factor.

Opportunities for Using Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

In today’s economic environment, most companies providing products and services are striving to reduce their marketing expenses. Exhibitions and trade fairs are often an alternative that most company resort to in order to reduce the expenses while creating many product and service sale opportunities to new and existing customers. Exhibitions and trade fairs provide an effective way to reach the customers that are interested in taxi application services. Exhibitions also provide an opportunity to create new business contact, raise company profile and to undertake market research. Exhibitions and trade fairs form an essential part of the marketing mix that allows the GamGam Company to attract new customers to their taxi application services in a cost-effective way and to build a lasting relationship with the customers. In addition, exhibitions will serve as an ultimate showcase of the GamGam Company’s profile. In order to create an effective trade show and exhibition, marketing objectives are crucial (Monye 2000). The following are main objectives of conducting a taxi application services exhibition and trade fair.

To Demonstrate the Usage of Products and Services

Exhibitions will offer an extraordinary opportunity for the company to meet prospective customers and to demonstrate how to use the GamGam Taxi Application services. Although exhibitions are expensive, they will give the company an essential opportunity to demonstrate to East England resident how to apply for the new tablet application.

To Initiate Contact with the Customer

Exhibitions will provide the company with a perfect platform for meeting and interacting with new and existing customers in the transport industry. This provides an opportunity to market the product and service face to face to the potential clients. Exhibition will enable the company to build a lasting relationship through dissemination of information through cards, business cards and printed guide about the taxi application services offered by the company. In addition, trade exhibition will enable the company to combine other marketing techniques such as e-newsletters; direct mail and PR in order to publicise the products and services.

To Make Sales

Exhibitions will provide the company with an opportunity to extend its product and service sales and to enlighten the customers. Exhibitions attract potential customers and provide a trade show that is different from the normal sales approach. Exhibitions will enable the company to enjoy a longer period of an immensely fruitful sale period in taxi application services.

Characteristics of Good Exhibitions

Visible and Attractive

A good exhibition produces an impact at focal points of the route. The exhibition needs to catch the eye of the consumer at a distance. Objects at the exhibition sites need to be placed using a technique, color, balance and craftsmanship that captures the attention of the potential customer from a distance. In addition, the art form and design at the exhibition sites need to focus on attractiveness. The exhibition also needs to be less crowded in order to provide a friendly environment for the potential customer to view the products and services. A good exhibition needs to be fresh and good-looking. The platforms, accessories and plinths should be painted in a color that enhances the theme of the exhibition. A good label at the exhibition normally enhances the visitor’s experiences. Furthermore, the exhibition needs to include imagery, thoughts and provoking quotations about the product and services being offered.

Create and Hold Attention

An exhibition needs to have the ability to attract attention of the potential client. Predictable exhibitions normally fail in provision of the expected products and services impression to the visitor. It is often essential to add humor to the description of the product and service being exhibited in order to moderate the impression created by the product and service to the visitor (Smith 2005). In addition, music and other entertaining aspects play a significant role in capturing the attention of the visitors. It is also vital to provide informative guides in the form of brochures and leaflets as well as on-hand staff to answer all questions that pertain the products being exhibited/showcased.

Customer Contact

A good exhibition provides excellent venues and an opportunity for initiating contacts with new and existing customers, and to develop new trade leads. Furthermore, the exhibition should enable the company to maintain and to renew contacts with valued customers.

Product and Service Launch Platform

An exhibition should provide a live demonstration and presentation of the products and services to the potential consumer. This allows products and services to be marketable and hence accelerates the selling process. It also reduces the time taken by visitors to adopt the new service.

Marketing Communication

Trade fairs and exhibitions focus attention on the company products. The public relation strategy adopted during the exhibition need to be concerted toward elevating the profile of the company’s product and service brands.

Exhibition Design and Costing

The design of the exhibition needs to use a wide sort of procedures in order to reverberate audience. This will enable target customers to access an extensive range of description of the product and service being exhibited. The design needs to put more focus on the theme, communication message and demonstrations tools. Effective exhibition design needs to integrate various fields such as graphic design, digital media and interior design. A recent exhibition survey conducted in UK provides a vital and captivating benchmark for the exhibition costs. The cost of an exhibition in UK will varies from the lowest to the most expensive. The price ranges from £625/sq.ft. to £600/sq.ft (approximately £270-£6450/sq.m). Since our exhibition is of medium size, the lowest cost is estimated to be £800/sq.ft. This cost will include the cost accrued for full interior fit-out space, flooring, lighting and other expenses.

A well designed floor space rental cost during an exhibition start at £200 per square metre. Services such as furniture print out and electrical outlet will also add up to 20 percent extra cost on the budget. In addition, because attendance to the exhibition is expected to be higher, the cost will also be higher. The total cost accrued for the exhibition will highly depend on elements such as stand design, delivery and installation, furniture’s, employees for the duration of exhibitions, the publicity cost of any direct mail or internet advertisement, as well as miscellaneous cost such as insurance. This will ensure the exhibition enhances customer experience that interprets information on the product and service exhibited.

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