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Why does word-of-mouth “advertising” work so effectively?

Advertising does not create benefits only to the producers and retailers but also the customers as well. What is more, it provides awareness of the presence of the particular product to the customer. Namely the satisfaction of the customer is a number one priority in nowadays marketing and the significance of the various advertisements can’t be ignored as such. It is time to distinguish the meaning of so thriving and effective work of advertising and its impact on customers in general. Advertising suggests something important to the client; a product, a service, anything that can be useful or with the help of which the customer can have fun. Precisely advertising works subconsciously on customers, it touches peoples’ minds, feelings, wishes, and seemingly it intends them to buy certain thing and feel satisfied.

Namely advertising gets and keeps customers. It can be clearly seen through particular ways, main of which are:

  • Simple advertisements on television, radio, newspapers or through the Internet;
  • The recommendation or a piece of advice from friends or relatives.

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Moreover, it can have a point even if people feel depressed. For example shopping became the best way of relaxing for the people from any corner of the world.

So, the role of advertising is more than just enormous, it is useful for the marketers, people who work at this field, and to the customers who simply need something that can give them pleasure. Furthermore, no one can escape from this notion. Advertisement is everywhere and for everyone (the ways which were mentioned earlier mean that advertising became widespread).

How do ripple effects escalate the problem of the lost customer?

Lost customers are those people who were potentially thought as the buyers but because of a certain reasons they refused to buy the product or a service. How ripple effects and the problem of lost customers are connected? First of all, the notion of “lost customers” is not just a meaning; it is a big difficulty nowadays. Unfortunately, many employees do not understand their role and the role of each customer for the organization. For example, one person asks the salesman too many questions about some product, and accidentally shop assistant loses self-control and starts to use offensive words and behave fierce towards people. There are many situations when one individual being rude and savage can do more harm than good, and eventually lose the potential customer. From his point of view it is not so crucial to worry of one lost client. What she or he can do? Eventually, it is only one person who buys nothing at the shopping mall, but from the other side it is more than just simple dissatisfaction. Feeling down the customer will tell his relatives, friends about the stress he or she felt in a particular place, the lost opportunity of buying something, and reason of refusal.

For some people it may seem stupid to think that it matters in such a great measure, but one lost customer has already told to 15 friends that namely that place is nothing more than just a building and there is no sense to buy something there. Then, those 15 friends can retell the news to at least 5 friends of their own. In the whole it is 75 people plus the first dissatisfied customer. Will this number affect somehow the profits of the particular organization? What about the consequences in general? Hopefully, there is a great amount of different stores which suggest various products for every person, therefore, for the usual individual there always will be a choice where to go and what to buy. Talking about the shops, stores and supermarkets few factors should be called: reputation, brand and loyalty to every customer. People can have different convictions and principles concerning life and towards others, but they should always be attentive to their clients, being ready to help anytime is needed, and simply being sincere with them.

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