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SAB stands for South African Breweries. It is a grasping company which is catalogued on the stock exchange of London and it was also the largest brewer in the development of markets. It has seventy-nine breweries in many countries and approximately having 34000 employees and workers.

The strategy of SAB was to achieve profitable growth and development in the global beverage market while driving capacity and productivity in South Africa and by expanding established positions in other developing markets.

The operations of the domestic brewer in South Africa were especially strong. SAB ordered a extremely large percent market share .and this market leadership status had helped expansion of finance. However the beer market of South Africa is the ninth biggest market in the world which had been developing with an medium rate of just over two percent per year for the past four years and growth was slowing . And the macro-economic conditions in 20 century were not expected to support and help matters .The economy of South Africa had remained in reduction activity and the growth of gross domestic product was expected to remain averagely negative.

During the past couple of years the position of SAB had strengthened in core beverage hotel through growth and acquisitions.

From my point of view SAB is categorized most closely to the contender because SABI typical strategy was to attain state-run breweries which had made enough acceptable capital investment and management and to advanced production facilities for turning them into more efficient and profitable .SAB had a solid experience of dynamics of less advanced economies, through which SABI managers were used by managing factories due to which un skilled labor is pooled.

In China also SABI strategy was to incrementally spread and advanced or up grate its operations and apply its expertise and knowledge area by area to acquire a strong and competitive status in each area. 

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