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Free Example of Starbuck Essay

Starbuck Company was founded in early 1970s.  It is a coffee company situated in Washington.  The company is part of every-day-coffee-experience of America. This is because most American citizens love taking coffee.

The current system of control and evaluation is more efficient in the provision of feedback both on the implementation of performance and activities. The entire system is customer centered with surveys on customers. Surveys are conducted in order to evaluate customer satisfaction. Starbucks’ system evaluates the employee performance and ongoing transactions. Also, times for transactions are evaluated to determine the changes that require improvement in the process. Strategic factors such as customers /unit time, sales records, wait queue and order length, cycle for replacing equipments, cycle for menu revisions together with employee evaluation for the corporation can effectively be measured and rates determined by the system.

The results on system performance can be pointed out by area, function and unit. However, in most cases, function is the main basis for pinpointing the performance results. An appreciable number of both domestic and international markets are easily reached since Starbucks retails are located almost everywhere. Thus, a large demographic area is reached within a short time especially for the case of a new product. Starbucks’ product information is very simple, expedient and user friendly since it follows a sequence. The sequence involves placing of an order after reading the menu. Then, payments are made, and the customer just waits for the signal that shows the product is ready while relaxing.

Benchmarking is one of the special tools that the company is currently using to evaluate its activities and performance. This is because the market is now full of other competing companies producing the similar product. Starbucks is currently working on the product differentiation and rebranding so as to maintain its status in the market.

Starbuck has put various control measures in place that will eventually ensure that the strategic plan of the corporation is attained. The company’s future is dependent on increased sales through attraction of new customers and maintaining high quality coffee product. Starbuck has strategies in place to retain and build customer loyalty. These include the strive-through strategy and program to reward privileged card customers.

 Finally, good and outstanding performances are rewarded accordingly through its reward program. Customers on Starbucks Card program register online on reward qualification each time of using the card. The benefits include free syrup, milk options and free refills.

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