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Information is the most valuable asset for modern businesses and everyday life. It is a well-known fact that the people, who possess information, rule the world. Companies that deal with information and measurement services are the most influential in the global market since other businesses depend on their activity and rely on them. Thus, the main aim of this assignment is to learn some information about the company called Nielsen, its history, business positions, and services provided.

Short Company Overview

Nielsen is a market leader in information supply and measurement services on the global scale. The company has a very innovative approach to its business and operations in order to meet the demand of the clients when providing services. The services of the company are based on providing the clients with a deep understanding of their potential or existent consumers in order to facilitate their decision making process and profitability.

The company has been in the industry for more than 50 years collecting the information about consumers and consumer behavior through communications with the customers themselves and conducting market surveys. Thanks to the progressive system and integrity of the business practice, the company is able to offer outstanding measurement possibilities and valuable data to the clients from various economic spheres. The information provided by Nielsen helps  its clients realize what products customer buy most commonly, what they prefer, and how to adjust to their demand. Moreover, the clients can acquire some data about customers’ shopping experience at their shops and get the feedback from them with the help of Nielsen.

The corporate structure of Nielsen consists of The Board of Directors that is elected by the stockholders. The role of The Board is to monitor if the interests of the stockholders were served and if the whole management structure works in an efficient way.

The services of the company have a strong influence on the decision-making process of the companies when launching new or developing existing brands. The company critically estimates and analytically summarizes collected marketing and media information about the consumers’ preferences in choosing media sources and making purchases on the local and global scales. The benefit of using the services of the company for businesses is connected to supporting and increasing the companies’ market positions and getting some advice on the ways of further development.    

The company is represented in almost every continent embracing up to 100 countries that include both highly developed and emerging markets. Nielsen is a recognized leader in the industry in many of those locations and the global market with total revenues of $5.5 billion in 2011.

Services Provided by Nielsen

Nielsen operated in three main segments: analytics and measurement of media audience (Watch segment), measurement and analytics of consumer purchasing decisions (Buy segment), and trade shows organization (Expositions segment). The segments of Nielsen called Buy and Watch segments, are the main business spheres where the company operates. In total, they have generated 97% of the company’s total revenues in 2011.

The segment of analyzing and measuring media audience, which is also called a Watch segment, is responsible for supplying the information about what preferences the customers have in media sources and what they like watching on television. The part of the Watch segment in Nielsen’s total revenue was 35% in 2011. The purpose of this segment is to provide analytical information to the advertising and media industries regarding television, Internet and mobile phone sectors.

The segment of measuring and analyzing the consumer purchasing decisions also known as Buy segment is connected to processing the information about what the customers buy. The Buy segment is an important body that supplies businesses with measurement data and analytics about consumer behavior in the retail and packaged goods sectors. The share of Buy sector in the company’s total revenues was 62% in 2011 that makes it the main business direction of Nielsen.

The main purpose of Buy and Watch segments is to assist the clients with measuring, analyzing and improving the competitive positions of their businesses through possessing and applying the information. When the businesses possess the information gathered by Nielsen’s segments, they are able to get a powerful insight into the efficient ways of advertising their product or services. The information provided by Nielsen enables its clients to get an in-depth understanding of the media forces that drive customer’s purchase decisions. As the result, the businesses increase the effectiveness and profitability of their spending on marketing and advertising.

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Expositions segment works on connecting sellers and buyers on trade shows that operate on B2B basis (business-to-business). Every year the company has about 40 business-to-business trade shows; it has one of the biggest portfolios in the industry. Although the exposition segment is the smallest for the company providing only 3% of the Nielsen total revenue, the figures describing their activity are impressing. The amount of buyers and sellers from over 20 industries that were connected on the trade shows reached the number of 270 thousand in 2011.

The main figures of Nielsen operational activity demonstrate that the surveys held by the company measure media consumption and buying choices of approximately 10 million customers from about fifty countries in total. The surveys include questions regarding the jobs market situation, people’s economic outlook, customers’ financial situation, buying preferences, and readiness to buy.  In order to get a deeper understanding of the customers, Nelson includes questions about the age, sex, etc. Thus, when the companies acquire the information about the customers they know what buying preferences belong to a certain group of customers. Information based on the age differences is exceptionally important for such spheres as identifying some data about Internet users that is one of the major sectors of Nelson’s activity. A significant part of Nelson’s business activity is connected to surveying Internet users on the variety of topics.

Specific services of Nielson include retail rating, TV, mobile, and online rating, cross-platform measurement, consumer neuroscience, radio measurement, consumer confidence survey on the global level. Nielson is represented in three industries: media and entertainment, consumer packaged goods and retail, and telecom. In media and entertainment, the aim of Nielsen is to assist companies that work in media sector (radio stations, recording studios, online portals, cable networks, etc.) in developing their understanding of the industry, their viewers, and listeners.

In consumer packaged goods and retail segment, Nielsen's provides analytical and consulting services to manufacturers and sellers in order to give a deep insight of their customers. As the result, it enables manufacturers to thoroughly plan and improve their production, product development, supplying, and advertising. Moreover, companies can identify the profile of their customers that is useful when taking a decision about their products focus.

Nielsen’s telecom service is connected to the constant growth of mobile phone users and new features developing in mobile technologies. Nelson provides analyses of customers’ media habits for the clients to improve their business approach and get better return on investment.


Thus, by providing its clients with valuable information regarding their customers’ needs and buying behavior, Nielsen is a leading company in information and measurement sector. Using the services of Nielsen, the businesses can improve their business approach, develop their understanding of the customers and improve their positions in the market.

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