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This paper looks in to the important legal issues that one should consider when starting a company and the challenges that come with the separate legal issues. In order to bring the clear picture about business law, the paper first discusses the basics on law and goes ahead to describe different categories that business law involves looking into moral aspects. As the paper shows, law is a basic requirement to any society, business included, to bring order in the operations such that whenever these regulations fails to manifest, operations come to a standstill. However, this does not mean law is the only order enforcer (Kelly, Holmes, & Hayward, 2005). Different terminologies in law will compare differently to the understanding of common law determining the laid down procedures and possible consequences. These will apply in the context featured in this paper of the legal issues binding staring a company. From the technicalities involved in this, proper understanding of business law became vital because these factors have impacts on different business undertakings determining the final benefits.

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The source of the law is not well understood, a similar situation with the efforts to understand the origin of the society. This is because the two go in hand, that is, the law exists as long as society exists. From the obvious understanding to many, law can represent the authoritative nature of any individual having control over others. From the changes that took place over time, there became a need to regulate the activities that were taking place within the society in order to bring order and sanity among individuals from the individual level to the society level. Looking at the greater depths, the activities that involve business over the world operate in an individual investment and market related complex framework. In reference to such operations, the law will come in play where it presents and ensures a very important structure where business activities take place. It is so important such that in the event that these laws fail to manifest, then business operations cannot take place. In the effort to maintain the necessary structure, law sets up the rules and regulations that apply distinguishing what is lawful business undertaking and which ones are not. With these limits, it becomes very important for anybody who wishes to engage in to business to make him/herself informed on the necessary requirements to follow in the kind of business one has interests. Irrespective of the fact that there are legal professionals who can excellently help whenever conflicts occur within the business activities, each and every individual running a business has the obligation to understand the binding terms that come with the business operations considering the potential financial consequences (Kelly, Holmes, & Hayward, 2005). Therefore, it is important to understand the most fundamental features of business law because these factors have impacts on different business undertakings determining the final benefits.

Order is the basic and most important procedure within any society, as this will allow the members of the community to engage in different activities without causing disorder hence coexisting in harmony. It is obvious that, as bound by their locations and culture, different societies will depict different kinds of order. This can vary from some of the social organization having strict regulations while others tend to experience weak regulations.

Despite the nature of the order, law within any society remains a very important component in the ensuring order within the society. However, this does not mean that there are no other existing forms of ensuring order, they are there, and they do not singularly depend on law, as it will have influence from other external forces such as moral and political behaviors (Kelly, Holmes, & Hayward, 2005).

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