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Discuss why Joe’s employees need to understand the importance of how people form perceptions and make attributions.

In order to build up communication Joe’s employees have to understand the importance of the way how perceptions are formed and how attributions are made. This knowledge will help employees to set up cultural, proficiency and competent relationships with their clients. In order to reduce situations when employees offend clients they should know, understand and respect cultural particularities in information perceptions of others. To communicate with people successfully, making them feeling positive after the talk is a strong weapon in the hands of employees. As the company is working with the people through the phone it is very necessary to build up such communication qualities in the employees that would make them feel confident and set necessary strategy in order to make clients regular customers of the company.

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Communication is a complex multifaceted process of establishing and developing contacts between people, which create the need for collaboration and include the information exchange, common strategy of interaction development, perception and understanding of the other person. Communication structure is characterized by three interrelated aspects: communicative, interactive and perceptive. In order to build successful and long term relations with the customers, Joe’s employees should work on the simultaneous development of all these three components. Communicative aspect of communication composes of information exchange between people. Therefore, personnel need to concentrate on the development of relations that would be interesting and entertaining for both sides. Interactive aspect of communication is the organization of interaction between individuals, that refers to the exchange not only of knowledge and ideas, but also actions. This skill would help employees to find the solution of every situation that is discussed with the client. Perceptual aspect of communication is the process of perception of each other partners to communicate and establish on this ground mutual understanding. This aspect is build on the non-verbal components of the communication process, such as intonation, sound of the voice and its perception of self confident, rate of speech, pauses between words, phrases, laughing, sighing, speech errors, especially the contact, etc. These are the important components of the business communication within the phone, where people can perceive person only by the things they heard. Non-verbal communicators help to build the emotional contact between customer and employee.

In order to make sure that employees understand how they form perception and make attribution, the president of the company has to hold specific meetings, where this topic will be discussed and every employee can talk about his/her experience. The special training courses can be helpful in specific skills development.

 Evaluate which learning theory (either operant conditioning, social learning theory, or the learning theory you researched in Week 3) would be most appropriate for Joe to apply in this situation and explain why.

The process of learning determines how good new knowledge would be adopted, remembered and understood by the person. There are lots of different techniques that were developed in order to make learning process as efficient as it is possible. Some of them can be applied in the situation when new information should be understood and took noted, another should be presented within such techniques that “pupils” will accept everything without any question and as total truth that cannot be argued, otherwise there are lots of spheres of life where the most effective results bring the process of new knowledge practicing.

Great Northern American is the company that is built on the effectively developed groups of salespeople. The main responsibility of the sales personnel is to build up the relations with clients, set with them effective communication, work with customers through the process of selling them company’s products and services on the regular bases. Employees understand the importance of the people’s perception and the need to improve their abilities. Therefore, in order to build effective learning Joy needs to choose one of the appropriate learning theories, which are listed and discussed below.

There are tree classical learning theories: classical conditioning, operant condition, and social learning theory. The first one refers to the automatic responses of new information, skills, materials through the stimulus. It can be described by the situation when predictable events sequence lead to the definite result. This theory cannot be applied to the Joy’s company because people have to develop skills there, but not to develop reflexes.

The second one refers to the process of getting definite results through the subsequent rewards or punishment. This theory means that people have to behave in the set frame and need to do only that thing that is connected to the situation that is written in the rules. This learning theory cannot be also used by the Joy’s company, because communication is complex process, where definite rules cannot be set, because they would never help to build confidential relations between employee and client. For example, many top-sales employees in the Great Northern American subscribe to the local newspapers of their customers. This means that they are interested in their clients and want to find everything that can help them to build long term relations, what is impossible in the operant condition learning theory.

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The essence of social learning theory is connected to the process of cognition through the observation and understanding of others’ behaviour, attitudes, feelings and outcomes of one’s behaviour. It refers to the understanding the person’s behaviour is influenced by the one’s life style, personal qualities, behavioural habits and environmental conditions (Bower, 1981). These theory is the best suited to the performance style of researching company. And it would help employees not only to build specific knowledge base, but also to develop specific skills that would help to communicate them better and more proficiently, effectively.

Social learning theory is the one that helps to develop practical skills for employees to understand and try the communication process setting in practice with the further discussion. This theory not only helps to develop specific skills and knowledge, but also to collaborate personnel and practice team-building. That would lead to effective salespeople team creation and profit rises.

 Discuss ways that Joe could apply the learning theory you selected to improve employees’ performance.

The most appropriate theory for the Great Northern American company employees training is social learning theory. It is based on the process of understanding why people behaviour in the way they o and why they say the definite things instead of others. This knowledge helps to understand what should be told to the person, with what voice timber and sound, and appropriate words in order to build the effective communication and relationships with them.

In order to set up effective learning process several steps should be applied. The first one is connected to the building of clear understanding among employees that communication is the skill that can be and have to be developed and improved in order to understand how people form perception and make attribution. To implement the first step Joy should hold a meeting and discuss this question with employees, it should be the discussion in which all salespeople would be involved in. Employees of the Great Northern America have to share their personal experience in the building relations with their clients and speak about interesting cases that they had faced with, how they coped with them and what was the result.

The next step is connected with the building the informational and theoretical basement of the specific knowledge. Employees have to know the components of personal behaviour, how it forms and can be influenced. They should build strong basis of the communication and behavioural process components knowledge that would help them to practice in future. This can be done through the qualified in the definite field trainer inviting.

The third step refers to the training. This means that employees are trying to build up communication with the client, interacting with the trainer or colleagues. This is the hardest part of the personnel training, because they have to use their theoretical knowledge in practice. Special situations are developed, where everyone tries to find the best way to form needed perception of the client. And the last stage is new skills usage on the working place with the real clients, customers. This technique will definitely help Joy to improve his employees’ performance and all expenditures will be quickly overlapped by the increase of sales.

Determine how Joe could leverage an understanding of the value of self-efficacy to ensure he hires the most successful salespeople.

Self-efficiency is the term that refers to the ability to understand how to perfume in particular situation in order to succeed. People with high level of self-efficiency can have better results in hard tasks performing comparing with others. They are more likely to take risks, to perform harder tasks and objectives. Such people are well experienced, often highly educated and have long social experience of personality development and they are self confident. People, who have high level of self-efficiency, are always goal oriented, flexible and challenges accepted. This people are the most suitable for the sales department of the great Northern American Company. Such people are highly motivated to work better, that is fully satisfying the Joe’s standards. In order to understand that Joy hires the most appropriate salespeople, he should use the most effective technique - personal interviewing. During this session, the president of the Great Northern American Company can to read resume and pay strong attention to the personal achievements. The talk about the wants, dreams and goals of the possible employee can show how the person is motivated and self-efficient. These two factors can help Joy to find the most appropriate personnel to the sales department in order to rise the effectiveness of company’s performance and its earnings.

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