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The introduction of the first iPad was a significant event, which shaped the market of tablets. However, Apple has proceeded with the development of this product; thereby, the iPad mini was introduced to the general public on October 23, 2012. Whereas the company is not a novice in the sphere of positioning, its marketing communications mix is effective due to its considerably diverse and versatile components.

While advertizing the iPad mini, Apple predominantly focuses on offering a substantially differentiated hardware that justifies a higher price tags than comparable products. Nonetheless, the new version of the old product does not initiate the emergence of a new category. Moreover, some representatives of the targeted audience express their disinterest, since they have already bought the previous versions of the iPad. However, Apple has committed towards the creation of its impeccable image for years; therefore, with the introduction of the iPad mini, the company was deprived of the necessity to generate brand awareness among its customers or even among those who prefer products of other companies. Thus, in order to increase the brand purchase intention, Apple has created a product which is a direct challenge to the rival’s products. In this sense, it is crucial to highlight that the strongest brand in the tablet market still belongs to Apple. Furthermore, the company has the greatest recall among potential tablet buyers. The launch of the iPad mini has not affected the perception of the company as a premium manufacturer in a negative way. On the contrary, it has offered a worthy adversary to the competitor’s products, whereby filled the market niche of smaller tablets. In this context, it is essential to emphasize that the iPad mini is more suitable for women or those who value a high productivity, reliability, and small sizes above all.

The positioning of the iPad mini is a multilevel strategy, although there has been nothing new in terms of communication instruments and platforms. While Apple relies on its unfailing policy to a considerable degree, it makes the company an illustrative example of effective marketing.

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