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Walmart is a multinational retail corporation found in America. It owns and manages large discount department stores and warehouses in various European and American markets.  Coburn (2011) asserts that the corporation was established by Sam Walton in 1962 and was incorporated in October 1969. The corporation first traded on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972.  The Company is the 18th largest corporation globally according to Forbes Global 2000 list, and it is the largest private employer with more than 2 million employees. In addition, it is ranked as the largest public corporation according to the revenue it generates. The Walton family controls the company with a 48% stake.  According to Coburn (2011), the company also owns and manages Sam’s Club Retail Warehouses in North America, hence increasing its competitiveness. Walmart has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. It is a leading grocery retailer selling various types of vegetables and fruits. It is reported that, the company earned more than 50% from the grocery business in its total US sales.  The Company operates in 15 different countries where it runs over 8500 stores.

The company faces stiff competition from various leading competitors. These competitors have been instrumental in contributing to innovations in the company. Dalic (2004) reports that,  Walmart’s key competitors in  North America include Shopko and Meijer, Target Company, Kmart, Canada’s Zellers, Mexico’s Comercial Mexicana and Soriana, and The Real Canadian Superstore and Giant Tiger. The company’s branch, Sam’s Club Division, includes Costco and BJ wholesale club. The company’s leading brands are Sam’s Choice, Mainstays, Equate, Special Kitty, Parent’s Choice, and Great Value. Its supplies include office supplies, school supplies, stationery supplies, and home supplies. This is an indication of the Company’s capacity to serve a wide range of needs that exist among different groups in society.

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Its notable strengths include the sale of goods under one roof in the various states where it operates; offers fair prices for its commodities hence attracting many customers, and it has a large employee base that ensures all activities are efficiently carried out. The company also experiences various weaknesses in its operations. Notably, it mainly concentrates its businesses in Europe and America hence forgetting other profitable countries around the globe and it lacks the expertise to operate the various information technology networks that are established to increase efficiency in operations. Its opportunities include spread into other countries like China and continuous incorporation of technology in its operations.  According to Boone & Kurtz (2011), the biggest threat that faces Walmart is stiff competition from competitors who come up with various innovations.  In addition, there is continued government intervention in the market through the provision of essential goods hence reducing its profitability.

Walmart needs to expand to other world countries in order to be successful in the future. Expansion into other countries like China would increase its strength in the market and enable it to develop a competitive advantage. In addition, it should train its employees in various technological fields and embrace technology in the running of its affairs in various stores.

Cultural diversity refers to the mixture of individuals from different cultural backgrounds. The company has benefitted from its cultural diversity especially in the enhancement of its strategy. Individuals have been able to contribute to the ideas of the company and have been able to work together with the aim to achieve its strategic goals.   Share capital is the key source of finance used to leverage the resources of the company. This means that it offers shares to the public and in return, it accumulates large amounts of capital that leverages its resources.  Soderquist (2005) asserts that this kind of leveraging ensures that it attains a competitive advantage hence able to survive in the market and develop successfully. 

The management of ethical issues in the company involves the use of various methods. Ethical issues are managed through regular challenge meetings that require a declaration of continued commitment to the company and its operations. This means that no secrets are disclosed to competitors. These issues are also managed through punishing those who go against the established ethical standards hence acting as an example to others. All these management techniques ensure that ethical standards are upheld in the company.

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