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Free Example of Ways to Measure Team Performance Essay

Business demands in the twenty-first century dictate that business organizations make use of employee talent to generate, contribute and utilize information as being part of the competitive strategy. The twenty-first century has seen organizations undergo significant structural changes to develop organizational networks that are focused on the team building to enhance the organizational performance.  The aim of this paper is to make use of the team building and teamwork principle to evaluate performance of the healthcare organization while detailing other possible methods used in team performance evaluation.

Healthcare organizations should improve their performance measurements due to the issues related to the patient safety, physician improvement and quality improvement, effectiveness & performance. In their article Sangvai and Lyn (2008) point out that an effective measurement system that integrates initiatives, aligns the organization’s resources & improves performance should be used. As could be seen from this article, they argue that the best model to be used in the hospital setting in measuring the team performance is the Wagner's Chronic Care Model. This kind of model proposes a multi-dimensional approach in improving care for such complex illnesses that need teams to have clear division of labor especially in separating routine care and acute care management. The system ensures that physicians address the patients’ acute care issues, train non-physician team members who support patients and arrange for routine care tasks in order to ensure that there is coordination.

Examples of team building that can be achieved from the above example include defined clinical & administrative goals, training & cross-training, communication structures, defined overall goals and mission statements for the organization with measurable operational objectives. This clearly shows that leadership is the path to the teamwork from physicians but that ought not to inhibit interdisciplinary communication within the organization (Sangvai and Lyn, 2008).  

Sanwong (2008) in his study of the 360-degree performance appraisal system in Thailand found out that state universities should be encouraged to become independent but not wholly independent profit making institutions. It was found out that the most important are those employees of the institution who work towards realization of the institution’s objectives. In the health sector, Sangvai and Lyn (2008) note that most providers possess interdisciplinary medical skills of the patient care but wonder why in the US the teamwork is more prevalent than in other countries. This is attributed to the case of promoting greater clinical autonomy for practitioners that lack adequate discussion of the quality care. Due to such conditions, most consistent models, like the one proposed above of interdisciplinary teamwork, will have difficult time of taking root in the health care sector. Thus for the above reasons, physicians will have to surrender some of their powers such that other management tasks may be taken by their colleagues hence freeing more of their leadership roles.

Other types of models used in the team building include the 3-dimensional teamwork model. This model is supported by the notion that the experienced team develops shared understanding also called shared mental model which can be used to coordinate different behaviors and predict what the team members need to tasks each other. However, this may involve many characteristics that can affect the collaborative process and cognitive skills required and thus affect the overall quality of the outcome (Yeh, et al., 2006).  


In conclusion, the best way to measure the team performance is the Wagner's Chronic Care Model. This is the model that has an effective measurement system which integrates initiatives, aligns organization’s resources & improves performance that should be used.

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