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This paper seeks to verify information about a service level agreement or contract. This discussion will be in relation to the Windmere Trust Company legal case. A service level agreement or contract is an agreement between a customer, and network service provider that describes what services the network service provider will give and it is usually in measurable terms. Most Internet service providers offer their customers with a service-level agreement. In the present times information system departments in central enterprises have approved the idea of writing a service level agreement and one of these leading companies is Windmere Trust Company. The importance of a service level agreement is to ensure the services being offered to the customers can be evaluated, justified, and at times compared with those of outsourcing network providers.

Windmere Trust Company has adopted a new state of the art software system known as CASE –Computer Assisted Software Engineering. This has been through the effort of the current Senior Vice President, Allan Bartt, who presented the idea in a management committee conference, in Toronto. The proposal presented in the meeting by the senior vice president aims at doing away with the current computers and in place putting up a mighty latest hardware platform. In addition, the senior vice president proposed a re-developing of all of the company’s software systems by bringing in new tools. The meeting was a success as the council had accepted the proposal, and now all Alan Bartt had to do is bring the results.

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Windmere Trust Company is a comprehensive firm located in Canada. It deals majorly in trusts being the sixth largest trust company in Canada at the time of its inception in 1962. Currently the company has five main business groups- the real estate financing subsidiary, the equipment financing part, the savings division, finances and investment, and trust services, and mutual funds group. Windmere’s current Chief Executive Officer-Scannell believed in effective information systems and the competitive value a firm gains from having an effective information system. To this effect, Scannell supported Allan Bartt’s plan to change the information system tools.

The approval of Bartt’s proposal means that Windmere Trust Company will have to hire a service provider that will supply the information system department with the tools necessary for the upgrade. In the process, a service level agreement will be necessary between the chosen service provider and Windmere Trust Company. In this agreement, there are several issues that will be present including the percentage of the times the services will be available, the number of users of the tools, and particular performance benchmarks to which real performance will be periodically compared. In addition, the service level contract will provide the provision of usage statistics, help-desk response time for diverse categories of problems, dial-in contact availability, and the program for notification in advance of network alterations that may have an effect on the users. This will be necessary information as the company is a large company serving several people and with a high number of staff.

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Before the respective stakeholders of the company and service provider can sign this agreement, the two parties will have to provide information concerning the information systems, which in most cases is a large department of any company. At Windmere Trust Company, the information department consists of 80 personnel whose offices are in Vancouver. The section is split evenly between the operations group and the development and administrative staff. At this time, the company’s original computer was a Micro data minicomputer, which at the time of its acquisition was remarkably advanced. Through the times of its operations, the company has adopted various advanced hardware and application software, which have seen the current efficiency of the company. Scannell was not contented with the hardware and software applications present in the company as all the five main branches of the company were not productive by using the current information systems.

Further research into the information system department revealed exceedingly difficult issues in the section, which required immediate attention. The departments’ costs were too high, and the staff number was ridiculously gargantuan. The recommendations included reducing the number of staff from 80 personnel to 20 and cutting down the budget cost. This would mean introducing new tools in the department that would be cost friendly and increase efficiency of the company. This was the idea of Allan Bartt who had just joined Windmere Trust Company.

In this case, the service level agreement would have to indicate the following matters, which the information system department needed to transform. The number of minicomputers it will have to supply to the company because they needed to replace the current hardware and the new network will need to have scalability and responsiveness. The service provider will have to know the exact specifications that Windmere required to achieve its transformation goals in the information system department. On the part of the software, a new software application was to be put up using CASE tools. There would be user documentation for the new systems that will have online maintenance. All this will be in the service level agreement between the two stakeholders, which will be created once they come to an agreement.

The service level contract plays the leading roles of describing the customers’ demands and ensuring that the supplier delivers in his works. In business, the customer is always right and, therefore, the service provider will be mandated to provide what the customer needs or describes in the document. The SLA distinguishes the duties of the customer and provider that ensures the customer knows whom to call in case of a problem.

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