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A new wave of self-immolations among Tibetan monks picked up again and this time the case is focused on the Monks at Kirti Monastery. According to the statistics, this case aimed to protest Chinese rule and the government by a set of self-immolations is considered to be the largest nowadays. This time nearly “2,000 monks of Kirti Monastery in Sichuan Province” were related to this case . It is still unknown why Kirti Monastery became the center of the events, however, the government is strongly concerned about this matter and consequently the security measures were imposed on the town and the monastery. Although this wave of self-immolations is the largest nowadays, still the reaction of the authorities and government rules did not change much.

The issue of self-immolations among Tibetan monks has been discussed for a long time already and there is still no particular answer or explanation to such behavior. It is believed that such an increasing practice of setting bodies on fire was caused by the “severe government restrictions and reports of torture”. Tibetans are supposed to fight for their independence, freedom and rights in such a way. There have been other methods of protest used, however, the absence of significant results made Tibetans provide urgent and impressive measures such as self-immolations. Tibetans tried other ways of the protest including large demonstrations in the streets, however, such attempts resulted only in violence and chaos and there were no changes in the government rule. Consequently, the state of unrest was typical for the region and Chinese government did little in order to resolve this problem. Moreover, such type of protest resonates with Buddhist traditions that make suicide reasonable and regarded in case of certain noble and significant causes. Tibetans are known to struggle with Chinese regulations due to a set of reasons including the unwillingness to get rid of the traditional herding lifestyle, independence, and other crucial social factors. This case is a perfect demonstration of the fight between two cultures and strong refusal to lose traditional culture and lifestyle. Tibetans have suffered from the china oppression for more than 50 years already and such repetitive waves of protest prove the strong believes and spirit of this nation. Such cases and protests are highly likely to take place again till the Chinese government decides to imply changes in the main controversial policies in the region.

 It is difficult to suppose whether this issue will be resolved soon as the conflict and misunderstanding between China and Tibet began more than 100 years ago, and although China made certain attempts in order to obtain the territory of Tibet, still Tibetans have always valued their freedom and independence despite the China’s power and government rule.

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