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A religion class must provide students with the ability to understand the role of religion in society. Each religion has to be presented in terms it can be beneficial in future careers, life, relationship and many other aspects of life. It would be really helpful to learn how different religions explain good and evil. The USA is a multinational country where people from different religions are interacting with each other. That is why they have to learn how to understand each other without treating any religion as being not as true and good as Christianity. I realize that in my future career I will interact with people from different religions and backgrounds. In order to build a perfect relationship with people, I must know their religion and its main concepts. God created all people to be equal, so a religion class must teach students to be tolerant with people from different religions.

During religion classes, students should discuss their own concepts of good and evil giving examples from books, textbooks and their own experience. It would be useful to learn about creation of the universe, listen to the teachers` stories and paraphrase religious myths.  Religion classes are supposed to support customs and guide people. We are living in a complicated world which is full of conflicts. These conflicts often reflect religious differences and misunderstanding between people. In order to avoid or solve conflicts, it would be very helpful to understand different religions. Many people find their peace of mind in religion, because it gives them knowledge and explanation of many things that are unfamiliar to them. 

In general, a religion class has to be concentrated on major religious issues, history and culture in order to educate students and give them an opportunity to use their knowledge in future careers, relationships and life as a whole.

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