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Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Hardin county (now Larue), Kentucky, in the family of Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln. Abraham’s childhood was not full of joy and children’s entertainments as usual. He had to work from the early years of his life to help the family. Abraham’s family was often on the move, first they moved to Indiana and later to Illinois. After Lincoln’s mother Nancy died from milk-fever, he was raised by his step mother Sarah Johnson. Abraham’s father and his step mother did everything possible to give Abraham education. He became the first member of the family who had been educated.

Lincoln started his life in New Orleans ferrying people by flatboats. In Illinois, he set a clerk store. Around 1840, Abraham became engaged to Mary Todd. On November 1842, they got married. Abraham’s family consisted of four children. Lincoln and his relatives experienced pitiful loss of his son Edward, who had passed away being only two months old. The paper aims to analyze Abrahams Lincoln’s lifeway, career and impact on the society of the United States.

Lincoln was a leader of the volunteer company during the Black Hawk War. After the war, Abraham became Illinois state legislator. He maintained this position for eight years in the general assembly under Whig party. Lincoln continued developing his flourishing career in law. In late 1837, Abraham relocated to Springfield, at that time the place was known as the new state capital. Nine years later after moving to Springfield, he was elected to the U.S. Congress. Lincoln moved to Washington where he served his term. In Washington, he protested against the Mexican war and claimed to abolish slavery in the District of Colombia. After his attempts to abolish slavery failed, he came back to Springfield to take up his career as a lawyer. At the moment, his career in politics seemed to be over. However, Lincoln urged to fight against slavery.

In 1860, Lincoln won the presidency. According to his campaign, seven states abolished slavery and joined to form the confederate states of America. Lincoln enforced laws of the United States to end the bloody war between the north and south and finally unified the nations. During the war, which lasted more than four years leaving more than 600,000 Americans dead, Lincoln published the Emancipation proclamation that guaranteed the freedom of all slavers within the confederacy. Being the first Republican president who unified the north and south, he terminated the lay claim that sovereignty superseded federal authority.

Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents the US has ever had. During his presidential term till the day he died under the bullet of an assassin, he had changed the country. These changes and improvements still affect the society. His fight to keep the north united and amendment of slavery act were the greatest noble achievements. Abraham Lincoln has influenced the world greatly. His strong opinions, superiority, and humane character made him an example of the ideal leader who cared about social and political environment of the country. Lincoln is considered the greatest president by the majority of historians regarding his leadership skills during the American war and impact on the political and moral integrity of the United States. Lincoln believed that power of the president was within the branches of the government. His responsibility was to carry on, preserve, defend and protect the Constitution.

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