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This paper contains a list of annotated bibliography. This is a list of readings that will be used in writing the final paper. The annotated bibliography used in this paper will provide information regarding the causes of domestic abuse towards women, the impact of domestic abuses on women and finally the various measures that can be put in place to solve the problem of domestic abuses on women.

Aguinaldo, J. (2000). Partner Abuse in Gay Male Relationships: Challenging "We Are Family" (M.A. Thesis). WilfridLaurierUniversity.

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This article will be instrumental in providing information about abuses that gay partners faces from their partners. The paper will help in understanding the forms of abuses that are there in homes and the factors that cause these abuses. Therefore, the article will provide vital information in writing the final paper, especially on forms of domestic abuses and factors that fuel domestic abuses in homes.

Dutton, D. G. (2006). Rethinking domestic violence, Vancouver, BC, Canada: UBC Press.

This article will be useful in providing the vital information needed to write the final project. The research talks about the various strategies that can be used to achieve a society which is free from domestic abuses on women. The article also provides vital information regarding the effects of domestic abuses on social, economic and political aspects of the women lives. This study will help in understanding the various measures that have been suggested by various authors on how to address domestic abuses on women.

Fisher, P. (1998). Lessons learned in the Heart need to be Changed in the Heart: The Development and Evaluation of a Primary Prevention Intervention of Men's Violence against Women.WilfridLaurierUniversity.

This research paper studies the put in place measures to address domestic violence on women. The article provides vital information on the aspect of the subject of the study. It discusses the primary strategies to educate men on the need to respect their wives and avoid being physical when they have a disagreement with their partners. Besides, the study shows how the change of men attitudes toward women can be effective in addressing the issue of domestic abuse on women. The article also reveals how men educating can solve the analyzed problem in the society.

Hamel, J., Nicholls, T. L. (2010). Family interventions in domestic violence: A handbook of

Gender-inclusive theory and treatment. New York, NY: Springer.

This is another article that demonstrates how the explored issue can be tackled from a family perspective. The paper discusses in depth how family as a unit can be used to reduce domestic violence on women. It also considers the implication of domestic abuses on women on the family unit. The authors pinpoint that domestic violence leads to break up of families. Consequently, the researchers suggest that there is the need for the abuses to be addressed in order to rescue the family unit from ruining. The break ups are very costly as they have a direct impact on children and partners. The children are affected psychologically and socially thereby causing a negative effect on the way they view life, and they face a number of life issues. Therefore, the article will be useful in providing information relating to impact of domestic abuses and put in place measures to address studied phenomenon.

Hampton, R. L., Gullotta, T. P., & Ramos, J. M. (2006). Interpersonal violence in the

African American community: Evidence-based prevention and treatment practices. New York, NY: Springer.

This article also concerns the subject of the study. The research work provides information revealing causes of domestic abuses on women of the African American origin. Therefore, this article will be one more interesting and informative source useful in writing the final paper.

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