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Free Example of Accreditation Essay

According to Schrader (2011), accreditation is a process, which is aimed at evaluation of programís quality assurance and its improvement. The process has increased in its popularity and need due to the intensification of competition, which led to the emergence of programs. In order to harmonize these programs and ensure that they meet the required quality level, the necessity of accreditation is emphasized. The profession of nursing is not out of accreditation for the diverse nursing programs. In addition to the raising of institutional program quality, accreditation has ample benefits in the nursing program. It increases the customerís trust and confidence (WHO, 2007), maintains the competency of staff, assists in the development of strategic plans, is crucial for licensure and the identification of program weaknesses and strengths (World Wide Learn, 2008).

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In accreditation, the agencies determine the performances such as the credentials of employees, management organization, the infrastructure, the availability of resources, the countryís policy as well as regulatory compliance and the accreditation standards. Accreditation is the stepwise process that starts with the self-evaluation study continued by the third party. The comparison of two reports paves the way for the report of the accreditation review commission to the accreditation board that may approve accreditation, deny, withdraw or reaffirm it.

The need to evaluate the nursing profession cannot be ignored. This is the opportunity, in which the recommendations for professional development can be offered. The nursing profession is the occupation, which gives the best quality care to people in need. The impact, effectiveness and good organization can be achieved through sound evaluation (Eaton, 2006). Accreditation and evaluation must be realized by the qualified and reputable bodies. The countries with no accreditation bodies need to revisit their programs and compare their qualities with those in the nations with the accreditation bodies.

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