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Free Example of Addiction Essay

Exercise abuse is the kind of addiction I have succumbed to. I am so much preoccupied with the physical exercise behavior that not a single day can pass without me hitting the gymnasium for some weight lifting. I really find utmost fulfillment in the exercise, because my body system feels so much relaxed after each and every training session. I engaged in the exercise for the first time two years ago in the company of my good neighborhood friends who also happen to be members of our school football team. I gave weight lifting a try for the first time when I accompanied them to the nearby gymnasium, and I marveled at the way they perform different kinds of physical exercises with zeal.

Definitely, there are social situations which one is more likely to engage in like an exercise abuse. Peer pressure and the longing to be identified with a particular group within the neighborhood is one such a situation. It is most remarkable that one can only gain acceptance into the groups and identify with the members if he/she participates in the intense group physical exercise. This is complemented by the strong urge to master the addiction to higher level and enjoy the celebrity status among the peers in return.

Although I have made incessant efforts to rid myself of the physical exercise abuse given that it takes much of my study time, it came to realization that my efforts are being sabotaged by the closest friends who think I stick by their side all through. Additionally, it has never been easy to quit exercise abuse, because I find myself deeply rooted in the organized group in the neighborhood whose membership demands that I proceed with the physical training just like any other loyal member.

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