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The 9/11 terrorist attacks shocked the whole world. It was the biggest act of terrorism experienced in recent times. These attacks changed the lives of many people some who lost their loved ones, jobs, got injured etc. The attacks awakened the American people on the need to be alert and cautious about their security.

The events of September 11, 2001 will remain glued to the memories of those living at the time. The aftermath saw a number of changes that negatively affected the American society. Prior to September 11th, the economy was US economy was strong and employment rate was below 5%. The country was in the verge of paying all its debt but this changed after September 11, 2001. Economically, the country suffered a lot. Since then the economy of US has been staggering with no major growth observed. The nation’s debt grew from a figure of less than $6.5tn in 2001 to above $16tn today.  This also saw drop in the stock market as most investors lost a lot of property.

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Some companies went out of business due to bankruptcy and loss of human capital through death, injuries and disability. The whole event was an economical loss. In addition, the target buildings i.e. the Times Towers were a hub of international trade dealings and their destruction was a setback to the whole world which relied on Times Tower to transact trade between nations. The effect of economic collapse on the American people is the loss of wealth making it hard for them to purchase and acquire facilities of their interest. Most of them lost their purchasing power as inflation and high interest rates significantly hit the country.

After September 11th, the political concerns of the American leaders took another direction. They became more aggressive towards seeing changes through actions rather than dialogues. The policies they had worked hard to deploy in the world were no longer considered in their decisions. The society became less tolerance to other nation’s views. A good example is the war on Iraq. Despite heavy criticism from world leaders and the United Nations, US launched war on the country in an effort to expose the terrorists. What followed was a great loss to mankind as most civilians became victims of the war.

The Americans have continued to push for their interests even in situations that do not pose threat to their security. The country is more involved now than before in issues relating to terrorism and world peace. The country does not take chances in fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, when making decisions touching on world security, the country considers only the opinion of superpower countries such as UK, France, Russia and Germany while locking the others. Americans are now a lot careful when it comes to their security, September 11 taught them that they are prawn to terror attacks even within their own country. When they travel, the administration has to approve whether their country of destination is safe and if it is not, safety warning is given in order to alert its people. As compared to the period before September 11, those Americans doing business in Muslim countries’ has decreased. 

9/11 attacks also tested the religious beliefs of many Americans.  According to a research carried out by a group of researchers from Columbia University, most people felt their religion was not heavily influenced. However, a tenth felt that religion became important in their lives while another tenth said that religion became meaningless to their lives. All those interviewed had lost at least one relative to the terror attacks. May people question the aspects of religion in regard to their lives and protection from terror? Others were disillusioned and developed PSTD while remains instrumental to their current lives.

A research done by Pew Research Center shows that since September the 11th  many Muslim-Americans have been experiencing growing discrimination and hatred as their religion was seen to be the cause of the terror attacks. This has resulted to many of them living in fear in their own country. They feel the American people perception towards Muslim was tainted by the attacks. But this has changed over the time as political leadership has gone through a transition.

There are those Americans who are of contrary opinion regarding the changes brought about by September 11. Some believe nothing much changed except the loss of our loved ones. The economic situation would still reflect the same even if the events never occurred. They blame the government’s reluctance to implement policies aimed at making the livelihood of peasant Americans affordable. When a country goes into war like in the case of US, a lot of funds are spent. This puts pressure on its citizens as this funds are derived from taxation or borrowing. Prices of essential commodities go up and cost of living significantly increases. These are among the problems that were faced by Americans when the country went into war with Afghanistan and then Iraq.

The world has learnt a lot from the September 11th terror attacks. Unlike before, trade in stock has not been centralized to a given area but dispersed to many countries and regions. American society continues to deal with aftermath effects 11 years down the line. The world should come together and condemn any acts of terror. What was experienced by the American people was catastrophic and shocking and it should never occur again.

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