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Even in this modern world of evolving technologies and growing scientific inventions, people are far behind in their basic self grooming as to how to treat other beings that reside with them in this world and are part of their daily life routine. They are not acquainted of the manner in which to behave with animals, to give them respect and treat them kindly. Over the time, many laws have been devised to protect animals from human cruelties but still in this modern age most people are ignorant of such laws and even if they know them, at their first encounter with an opportunity to exhibit good behavior towards these citizens of the world they forget the existence of these laws and revert to their baser instincts about mal treating animals and considering them their inferior and slaves.

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Although, animals do not have the same thinking ability and communication medium as man but that does not imply that they are there to be treated as the property of humans and subjected to cruelty and negligence. According to the basic ethics laws the animals are entitled to kind treatment and proper caring from humans and they must be treated with a degree of respect. With the evolving society many legalized laws have come into effect to safeguard the basic rights of animals and allow them to live safely and harmoniously with their talking and thinking brothers.

But unfortunately even after these measures common man is far from obeying such laws and at the first opportunity fails to comply with these laws making their existence a void.

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