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Description how might being part of a live audience change or influence your experience when viewing a play, performance or a movie?

There is a big difference between attending to a live audience experience as opposed to listening or watching a recorded performance. The difference between a recording and a live performance is best noted when one takes consideration of the artistic and rhetoric devises used to convey the message. Indivuals who experience a live audience play, speech, or movies can easily recognize the logical argument by following the facts within the plays message with a positive or negative reaction as a result of getting to feel the appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos. Though the appeal to logos- that is a logical and systematic arrangement of facts and ideas is neither lost in a live performance nor in a recording; a performances with a live audience allows viewers to interact with the pathos, ethos and counter argument feelings as conveyed by the live performer(s).

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Further, a live performance is more captivating since every bit of information is usually first hand unlike a recording that is usually edited thus eliminating artistic creativity originality. Therefore, being part of a live audience is the most advantageous standpoint that allows individuals to interact with the speaker, the artists and the play performers first hand in order to observe their true feelings as attached to their words than listening to a recording.†

2.† How does having members of an audience around you differ from experiencing a TV show or a movie sitting at home by yourself?

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When with a member of the audience, personal it becomes easier for me to observe different kinds of unbiased reactions from the rest of the audience and correlate the same with my reaction in order to know if the movie, TV show and play is biased, unbiased or neutral.††

3. Does one provide more opportunity for the viewer to process what was viewed?

A live audience performer is usually full of emotional energy that allows the live audiences to interact creatively and interpret processes viewed from different senses while only eyesight and hearing senses can be used to perceive a recorded performance in media. Therefore, being part of a live performance is allows one to perceive what is viewed better than listening that robs the message much of its luster.††

4. Using any examples you may have had, explain how a performance with an audience present may differ from an individual experience.

Having an individual experience deprives an individual the opportunity to observe the rest of the audience reactions before making an informed conclusion about the possible feelings conveyed in what is viewed. For example if the life performance is criticizing a certain community, a negative reaction can be observed in the audience for easy recognitions of facts from emotional appeal. Further, if a speaker displays rhetoric devises audience laughter and sighs besides the speakerís exclamations help define the meaning of what is viewed better than when experiencing an individual experience.†

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