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Proper leader’s traits and conduct are imperative for the effective administration of any company or country. More accurately, the leadership effectiveness bases on the working relationship between the group member/ citizens and the leader (Nahavandi, 1998). In retrospect to leadership traits, this paper seeks to establish leadership skills employed by the President of the USA, Barrack Obama.

As personal characteristics affect leadership position and decisions, both experienced and new leaders must develop on a regular basis. It is obvious that effective leaders are successful individuals; therefore, personal ethics cannot be separated from professional performance. As a result, the leader’s character is vital (Stogdill, 1974).

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Barrack Obama began his undergraduate education at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Later, he graduated Columbia University in the City of New York, where Obama majored in political science with specialization in international relations. He served as a community organizer in Chicago, the Altgeld Gardens housing project. Tentatively, he furthered his education in Harvard Law School and graduated it in 1991. He broke racial hurdles in his early carrier as he was the first black President of the Harvard Law School during his second year of study. Consequently, he served as a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, where he taught constitutional law.

Obama’s political career started in 1996, after Illinois State Senate election. As a result, he proved to be the leader of people’s hearts; he enjoyed their support during 1998 and 2002 reelections. Consequently, he ran for the United States Senate in 2004. Later on, however, he resigned his seat to prepare for the presidency. In 2004, he won the Big Elections and became the 44th US president, defeating the Republican, John McCain. Moreover, his reelection during the 2012 Presidential Election where he defeated Mitt Romney despite the economic dissatisfaction in the country proved his absolute leadership.

The Obama's political experience and personal characteristics enabled him to lead the US out of economic recession to success. He employs characters of a prominent leader, as Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy did.

In most instances, presidential teams often deal with changing conditions, as well as innovative development. Exceptional team leaders manage to adapt to the ever-changing situations; in addition, a flexible leader considers various points of view and is ready to find a compromise whenever needed. Competitiveness, in retrospect to the US being a super power, is imperative in better augmenting the policy of the country. President Obama advocates for the education sector development, as a key factor in ensuring the future of the nation. Under this initiative, he increased opportunities for students to get access to college programs, as well as work-based career opportunities. President Obama suggested a new one billion competitive fund for quality education. In order to ensure the economy growth, students must graduate from high school college and be career- ready. The strength of career academies is the capability to make education more relevant, thorough personalized, and contextual learning. Employers play an imperative role in such career academy programs. Nonetheless, academic careers programs can offer a skilled workforce required by the US, to be a competitive nation (Northouse, 2007).

Charisma and intelligence are key aspects of effective leadership. Charisma is an attractive quality that possessed by few individuals. As such, these two factors are vital in leading and managing people. President Obama has had to compromise certain aspects to move the country ahead. People join the charismatic leader and feel a need to act together towards achieving a leader’s objectives. During 2008 inauguration speech, Barrack Obama was speaking to a crowd and some people experienced emotional breakdown. This reaction from the nation allowed forming a platform for interaction and understanding between the leader and people he governed. Leadership qualities are imperative when leading people; they play a significant role in shaping the attitudes and perception of the leader’s personality and ideas.


Mr. Obama inherited two serious problems from the previous administration: economic disaster and a trillion dollar debt. He has displayed all his intelligence and ability to inspire confidence for the better life in people. The President counters the economic recession on a daily basis, paying extra attention to the US debt, as well as troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Barrack Obama always knows what true leadership means and how to encourage the American citizens to unite and act for a common purpose.

Decision Making

Barrack Obama intentionally surrounded himself with individuals that do not always agree with his view. This situation assisted him in gaining various views on different issues. When the cabinet comprises of people that constantly agrees with the leader, he will not be able to make the best choices. As a result, the appropriate decision might not be made. Undoubtedly, Obama’s decisiveness was experienced innumerable times by taking action during his first sixty days in office.


Before Obama was chosen the 2008 democratic candidate, he had advocated for diplomacy as the measure to be taken in response to any suspicious activity. Particularly, he supported the restoration of diplomatic action with Iran. Obama opposed the bill that regarded the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group. This move allowed the President to position troops in Iran. This move shows that Obama respects all organization, regardless of their history and relationship. For Barrack Obama, the first priority in approaching foreign policy is diplomacy and peaceful negotiations.


This trait can transform everything since the leader sets the mood for how the entire team operates. For the 44th President, a family is the first priority and source of humility. Barrack Obama’s second reelection justifies how the large community values little things of life. Obama is a community man as he strives to comfort every citizen. He proudly talks of his wife and daughters, as the whole world observes with what respect he treats the family values. The leader carries his passion for the family to the famed American homes. For society like the US one, family fidelity is imperative in defining a man as it reveals a sense of responsibility.

Conclusively, Barrack Obama is one of the greatest leaders of the modern era. Strong personality and professional experience allowed him to become the image of the true leader for not only the US nation but also the global community.

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