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Once you enter Best Buy, digital atmosphere wraps around you and holds you until you leave. People around you obviously have the same kind of impressions – they are in awe. It is all not only about the computers of all sorts, aisles with new game releases and free game trials. People enjoy going around the spacious store, choosing from the huge variety of goods offered. Parents bring their children to pick new games for their Play Stations, bands of teenagers browse around, looking for the free entertainment, like new games try-outs. Gamers show up to pick a new game on the shelf, while grandparents spends hours, consulting with the sales assistant to pick the best laptop for a gift to their grandson. Some people just wander about, window-shopping, looking for something they might like and comparing prices in order to choose the same thing in some online store. Best Buy makes everyone who enters it become inspired and walk out full of energy and motivated to stay on the positive track for the rest of the day.

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Target seems to be a regular retails store only from the first glance. Once you pass the main entrance, smiling and friendly sale managers appear out of nowhere, greeting you and offering their help. People go along the aisles, picking anything from clothing to electronics. Lots of them came looking for discounts, without an actual purpose to purchase something specific. Out of a huge variety of the retail stores, Target attracts so many customers with its constant care for people. Some customers choose to come here and pay more to get an excellent service along. Lots of people come to the store not individually, but as the entire families. They shop for everything from the smallest trifles to the expensive gifts. People can choose stuff for any occasion, whether it is something for the daily routine or for the weddings.

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