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Free Example of Bjork and Rihanna Essay

Music has been around for thousands of years. It touches people's soul  and gets the best or worst out of them. Every generation has its own musical preferences.

Being comparatively young, I prefer listening to modern music such as pop, rock or rap. The music and creativity of one such vocalist caught my interest due to the exotic innovating style which cannot be compared with any other musical form. The child of Iceland, Bjork Gudmundsdottir, is a well-known singer, whose multistylistic vocal and instrumental manners leave nobody indifferent. Bjork is often called an Icelandic phenomenon, rehashing modern music in her own way. This petite haggish and teenage-looking girl has recorded many albums that gave her a real taste of global acclaim. Her albums Debut, Post, Homogenic and the collection of video clips of Volumen demonstrate the ability of Bjork to be different and new every time. That is because Bjork is always working with new people. The list of her collaborators is indeed impeccable: Tricky, Matmos, Robert Wyatt, Zeena Parkins, Timbaland and others. However, exactly her vision and personality remain the tone setter of her art. She tried to find herself in various styles through joining the mutated pop/rock band Sugarcubes in the beginning, then consolidating her relationship with respected jazz players called Gudmundar Ingolffssonar. In addition, Bjork has worked within the classical arena and has collaborated with such luminaries as The Brodsky Quartet, Kent Nagano and John Taverner. Throughout her career, her eclectic musical taste was incorporated in all her solo projects. She presumes that her idea is not much focusing on innovation, but more so, trying to prevent boredom in art. In her projects, Bjork successfully joins nature and technology through music. Thus, her album Biophilia is a spanning live performance, audio, video, games and apps where she reasons Moon cycles, displacement of tectonic plates, connection between celestial bodies and humans.

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It is worth to mention Bjork’s talent as an actress. She could make a career in movie industry if she wanted. Even a standard clip with Bjork standing in the truck bed requires no visual effects. Her body mobility, unflagging energy and the ability to feel the role deeply turn any shooting action into something unique. The listener may like her or not, but being indifferent to Bjork’s performing art is not possible.

When comparing Bjork with my favorite pop and R&B singer Rihanna, I have to acknowledge that there is much similarity in their formative years and ways of self-expression. As well as Bjork, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, widely known as Rihanna, began her career at an early age. After having been noticed by the record producer Evan Rogers, she moved to the United States from Barbados at the age of 16 to pursue a recording career under contract with Def Jam Recordings. Not much longer after that, Rihanna had transformed from a young innocent island girl to a woman known worldwide for her leather outfits, revealing clothing, tattoos and bright red hair. She is stunningly attractive, has a ‘bad girl’ image and is really slim. Rihanna drastically changes her style of music with considerable ease, in order to express her feelings and emotions more vividly. Such changes then lead to a deeper connection with her fans. Rihanna’s projects, such as Music of the Sun, Good Girl Gone Bad, Talk That Talk, and the others include various musical directions. Reggae, acoustic ballads, dancing hits, classic pop music, and, of course, R&B compose her artistic style. Like Bjork, Rihanna demonstrates her innovativeness in music. Thus, in her album A Girl Like Me, Rihanna tries to change her usual style through implementing Caribbean elements along with rock music, and by combining electric sounds with bass guitar. The pop diva collaborates with legendary rapper Jay-Z, Eminem, Evan Rodgers and Chris Brown. Rihanna holds public interest and wins Grammy Award due to her ability to transform from a cute teen princess to a sexy, open and even brutal pop icon. This beautiful talented woman tries herself in films acting  e.g. in Battleship, Bring It On: All or Nothing. Through diverse haircuts or her unexpected rigging, Rihanna shows how creative and rich imagination she has.

Both Rihanna and Bjork remain the individuals who create trends intuitively, paying not much attention to the existing patterns. They both do not feel any confusion in demonstrating their dress or manner oddity. The two are steering steady courses of their own. Rihanna as well as Bjork is considered an innovative artist expressing herself in a variety of ways. The only noticeable difference is that Bjork’s self-expressing way remains deeper and more penetrating presently. It is certainly the result of her age, experience and charisma. She is worth of being respected for her peculiar music creations. However, Rihanna has more time for further innovative ideas to develop her artistic strength and get the status of the most original singer as well.

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