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Black American people have stayed in America for many decades and faced discrimination from other races.†† Black American people did not and could not participate in government affairs. They were seen as primitive people yet to develop. They did not originally come from America, but they gained their identity working as slaves in this country. They stayed there for hundreds of years without American citizenship until 1960ís when the republican leader proposed that all citizens of America who stayed in the country for more than 20 years could acquire citizenship. That is when African-Americans started gaining sympathy from other races. They were discriminated and kept aside without interaction with other races. These people did not have confidence in what they did and for this reason they lived in constant fear. They did not inter-marry with white people because they regarded themselves as inferior ethnic group. In America in 1990ís African-Americans were regarded as dirty people because of their skin color. . For example, some white people did not sell goods to Black Americans, even in barber shops a black person could not be shaved in a barbers shop for white men.

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Black American people originated from Africa. They were taken to America during the trans- Saharan slave trade and they naturally inherited African believes. These people were treated as slaves until 1950ís when the passed bill abolished slave trade and proclaimed that all people who work should receive wages. After being taken to America, they did not abandon believes, but practiced the taboos they learned from their parents. They lived together and avoided to interact with other races since they were afraid of meeting white people. They assumed that white people were superior and deserved respect. Recently, traditional believes and customs have been abolished and people can live in a modern world. Development of technology has made people to abandon their cultural believes and focus on improvement of their live. Promoting their welfare, Black Americans believed in gender difference and viewed women as the weaker sex. They thought that women cannot correct men or give them any suggestion how to improve or do something. Men organized their meetings alone and left wives at home. Women were supposed to take responsibility of bringing up children and serving roles in kitchens. They prepared food for husbands and entire families. They respected gender roles which forbade men to handle any kind of women job. Few interviewed Black American people said that this situation has changed and most men do not discriminate women. They claimed that females have even started taking men jobs.

Marriage in the community is seen as a blessing and those who marry are given gifts by friends and families. The issue of marriage is highly respected by the community and each person who is going to marry has to abide customs, however, inter-racial marriage are not encouraged. Those who intend to get married are supposed to marry a Black American. Many people assume that by marrying a white person he or she will take advantage and abandon the community. Those who inter-marry are told to pray for Godís mercy on them otherwise disaster and many challenges await them. During a wedding ceremony a bride or groom should be handed over by a parent. The people who investigated such customs said that currently there is significant increase in inter-marriages but the perception has not changed. The researchers said that about 70% of those who intermarry get divorce before ten years of marriage end. They claimed that to marry a white lady or a man is just like having a ďcome we stayĒ relationship.

Black Americans believe that the ownership of property should be in menís hands. Women do not have any properties like land, houses, and vehicles. Girls were not entitled to any inheritance from their parents. A male child was regarded superior and families without male children were not respected because there was no one to inherit the property. The few interrogated said that currently women have started possessing property and taking care of men. However, even today such believes exist and about 40% of Black Americans believe that when a family does not have boys then it is incomplete.

Relationship with other races

African-Americans seem to regard other American races as superior and they do not want to interact with them. They have been isolated for many years, and this has made them to lose confidence in themselves and respect other tribes. African Americans went to America as slaves of white people and since that time they have been respecting their owners as their owners. They do not like to associate with the white population or do business with them since they have been discriminated for a long period. Discrimination connected them with other races in America.

Black American people have their own way of living which differs from the lifestyle of other ethnic groups in America. Due to improvements in technology they have the possibility to interact with other people worldwide.

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