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Throughout history, art has been a part of human cultures. Humans use various types of artwork to such as music, literature or painting express themselves. Throughout history, the works of art on human body have shown depictions of nudity and nakedness of human body. The use of nudity is often symbolic and it represents various different aspects of human not just sex or eroticism (Rayme).

Some of the works of art involving the body are; Gerome’s, Ingres’ odalisque, and Olympia. They are passive female objects. In the first two paintings, the figure is a heterosexual male. The females are depicted as objects to receive the gaze from men. Women are portrayed as sexually accessible. This is a negative depiction of female gender, and a negative stereotype against women. In Ingres, The Turkish Bath, Ingress crowded by more than twenty nude figures into a corner of the harem’s quarters. The bodies are positioned for a clearer view.

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The Olympia, modeled by Manet, is a depiction of a nude woman reclining on her bed. On the side of her bed is a maiden with flowers.  The image of Olympia was the medium and the tool of the art. The body is the main tool of communication, and it gives the ideas of the artist. 

In Manets', Luncheon on the grass, it shows images of real people of a higher class. They include his brother, brother in law, and his model, Victorine Meurent. This is a depiction of a clan which has included members of a nuclear family. The paintings brought public protest due to the use of known people. The arts have portrayed different classes of people. The Turkish bath shows a class of poor people, the Olympia shows a class of high class and also the Luncheon on the Grass. The artists have used expensive beds, clothing and objects surrounding the body to show different types of classes. The bodies are symbols of the wider society and their living (Rayme).

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