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Where questions arise on whether to undertake early and less expensive modes of mitigation or wait to pay the dire consequences of climate change, it is definitely crucial to start conservation early. Release of carbon dioxide from decomposing matter and plant absorption together with burning of carbon fuels helps to determining the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. On this view, there come the roles of NGOs like the EPA who undertake environmental impacts assessments to determine the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. With their cooperation, determination and enforcing of regulations on CO2 that protect human health are possible.

Because plants cover also aid in the production of oxygen, a survival element for life, their protection is necessary. Photosynthesis therefore forms an important method of reducing the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through absorption. This forms one of the basics of mitigating increasing levels where people from the isolated remote areas to urban areas can take part in this. Sensitizing people on the advantages and disadvantages of cutting down forests/trees is an important step to reducing levels of carbon dioxide in air. Through civil education to the people such that they properly understand the threats they are creating for themselves by destroying forests will help then make them put the issue of climate change on the fore front.

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Planting trees and using alternative sources of energy rather than charcoal helps reduce CO2 levels. Encouragement to people to plant more trees is a sure way to reducing levels of CO2. Through this, the increased vegetation will absorb and reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide by a process known as carbon sequestration where it stores it in form of biomass (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)). Young trees will tend to remove more carbon from air than they are able to produce.

Using green energy instead of carbon rich fuels is a sound way of mitigating high levels of CO2 in atmosphere. Green energy can include solar energy, geothermal, wind energy, and even methanol. These viable ways of energy production are environmentally friendly and do not emit carbon dioxide. With their abundant amounts available cumulatively, they can substitute carbon-emitting fuels. For automobiles, encouraging technology that produces vehicles utilizing energy from methanol, compressed natural gas, and ethanol can help a lot in mitigating the amounts of carbon released in the atmosphere. In addition, these vehicles should be efficient to avoid wastage. In living places and industries, efficient and energy, saving appliances should apply a lot (McKinney and Schoch 432). In fact, there are processes through which carbon dioxide from industries can be captures before it escapes to the atmosphere. This can be recycled chemically to produce environmentally friendly energy like methanol. Moreover, its poverty mostly that leads to deforestation thus, programs like compensation land owners to save trees and use alternative safe energy sources.


In conclusion, the levels of CO2 are rising causing global warming which is a real threatening life and environment therefore the need to reducing these raising levels. The effects lead to both acute and chronic disturbances where human can suffer from heart and lung diseases where else the environment can experience irreversible devastating changes. Thus mitigation measures including laws governing permitted emission levels of CO2, increasing plant cover by planting trees, using environmentally friendly sources of energy like solar, wind, hydro and methanol. Moreover, efficient appliances reduce CO2 levels in atmosphere. It is undoubtedly the high time to take precautionary measures otherwise the eventual consequences will be lethal.

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