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The Carlsbad Restaurant in California is located within a well-conserved area, obviously citing a commendable local government and an effort from the restaurant management. The complimentary parking space offers customers a convenient way to park their cars without incurring extra charges. The restaurant has a façade bears a sign boards of a bull with a cowboy hat, an factor that most locals identify with, and visitors have an idea of regarding the region in which it is located. By the time I was alighting from the vehicle, these features of the restaurant had already caught my attention without any active effort from the personnel. The parking attendant had an easy time at my time of arrival as the rush hour was well past.

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The restaurant’s door bore stickers of support for the Green Initiative and a sizeable sticker showing a Grade A rating from the city restaurant inspectorate. This went a long way in elucidating the remarkable hygiene levels of the hotel. I had to open the door for myself as I entered the considerably occupied restaurant that was buzzing with activity despite the fact that the rush hour was over. The receptionist warmly welcomed me into the restaurant and pointed me to a free table. I had to squeeze myself through other customers’ chairs to get to my table showing an inadequate availability of space within the restaurant.

The table I sat upon was neatly spread with a ready set menu for my use. The attendants wasted no time in tending to me as soon as I took my seat. A finger swipe of the table did not reveal any dust implying that the personnel ensured the cleanliness of each aspect of the restaurant extensively. My drink was not right owing to the over-stretching of the waiter’s memory with the numerous orders she had taken. She rightly apologized for the inconvenience and sorted it out quickly. This showed the waiters had received sensitization to treat the customers respectfully.

As I waited for my order of Gnocci came through, I had the opportunity to view the bathrooms of hotel. The toilets were in a superb state having being maintained in a sparkling nature. The smell of the place did not repel any user accentuating the hygiene the restaurant works so hard to maintain. The neatness within the hotel does not escape one’s eyes, and this comes with the enthusiasm to see what they have in store for their customers.

My meal’s readiness came with an aroma that makes customers unsure whether they chose the best thing from themselves. However, so did the aroma of the next customer’s order leave me in a dilemma every time an order whisked past my nasal sense’s limits. The kitchen staff held nothing back as regards the quality of their food. Adequate flavoring makes the food appeal to anyone and the presentation left nothing more to add on to the praise of the food in this place. The food arrived about five minutes after ordering it. The same courteous waiter that availed my drink delivered my meal with a joyful wish to enjoy my meal. My order came exactly as I had ordered and even joked about it with the waiter. This shows that the restaurant has a welcoming and cozy environment. A visit to the kitchen to compliment the cook and have a look at the state of the kitchen was unsuccessful due to the onset of a high customer turnout as I enjoyed my meal.

Conclusively, based on the remarkable hygiene of the hotel, convenient customer facilities like the parking lot, friendly customer relations and superb culinary skills; Carlsbad Restaurant deserves a 4-star rating. The improvement in architectural design and facilities within the restaurant can increase the pricing and rating of this restaurant. Otherwise, Carlsbad is a remarkable choice for a good meal in a good place for an affordable price.

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