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China is a fast growing country with many distinguishing features. People view China differently based on a number of issues. Religion, beliefs and national symbols are some of the aspects that distinguish the Chinese from the rest of the world. For instance, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and other symbols such as the Yellow River, the Great Wall, etc depict China in a different way.

The influence of Confucianism began before Confucius. Confucius only attempted to retrieve past meanings by breathing verve into outmoded rituals. Confucius had a passion for antiquity and wanted to understand why some rituals had spanned centuries. Confucius had faith in the cumulative power attributable to culture. As such, Confucianism reflects an attempt to preserve the Chinese culture, which is reflected in certain rituals. This helps my understanding that the Chinese revere culture.

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Taoism has a history lasting over 2000 years. The primary idea rests on the doctrine of the longevity of gods. This helps me in understanding why ghost and nature worshiping was popular among the Chinese. The Buddhism that was adopted in China was Mahayana Buddhism. This form includes:  Pure Land Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhism provided a mechanism of understanding human suffering. This was significant as the Chinese were dealing with disunity after the collapse of Han.

The Great Wall of China is a significant landmark in the country. At first, the walls were constructed as a barrier to obstruct Mongol nomads. However, the Mongols could go round it, so the walls did not serve as a barrier. The Chinese instead sought to pacify the Mongol leaders. This shows that religion was highly regarded in China. The other symbol is the Yellow River, which is viewed as the centre of the Chinese civilization. The basis of the river is presumed to be the centre of the northern Chinese civilization. The ying –yang symbol is also critical in the Taoist cosmology. The circle in the symbol represents Tao. The overall reflection is the need for unity.

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