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When Gillmor used the term “citizen journalist”, hemeant a journalist who does his work seeking to give true and detailed information to the citizens of his nation for their own good. He is neither a wonk nor a hypocrite. The citizen journalist is certain that what he believes requires taking place for the nation and its economy to flourish.

Gillmor uses Groklaw as an example of open source journalism. The community plays an important role in what Groklaw has accomplished. Open source journalism has functioned because the work, while concentrated on one individual’s enthusiasm for the issue, had been extended among the society. This is an instance of an adoring non-expert using expertise to make an insightful contribution.

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Gillmor refers to the self-organizing newsroom which originated during the 2003 Gulf War. This organization was originally known as Command Post. It was a group of people who met as strangers. The group aimed at collecting all data concerning the conflict and spreading it to the public as fast as possible. The site that becomes the most famous later became a political site in America and changed the election cycle.

Shared sites like Wikipedia run the risk of vandalism, where someone with an agenda can sabotage what's there.  Wikipedia mostly manages to avoid this problem. Articles appear to be impartial in tone. Whenever the topic is divisive, the site explains the differing viewpoints and offers basic facts. Whenever an individual can edit what has just been written by another person, such justice becomes necessary. Similarly, Wikipedia illustrates strong points from its supporters who capture and fix any online vandalism. Whenever vandals notice that there is someone repairing the damage they have made and prevent it from spreading, they give up and try their malicious plans elsewhere. However, conflicts still occur in Wikipedia. The editors solve conflict using various methods and accept comments from customers.

Gillmor cites various sorts of downside regarding online alternative journalism. According to him, alternative press in America has not utilized the internet well. Alternative journalism has been somehow slow to develop their operation. This may be as a result of consolidation in this industry leaving most alternative journalisms in the hands of few companies such as New Times Media and Village Voice Media. Additionally, some of the alternative journalism has lost their qualities such edgier qualities.

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