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The dependency of the clients on a particular service that is offered by particular types of professionals also has been found to necessitate for the need of good professionals who are considered to be better and placed at a point where they can be able to serve dependent clients with ease. According to Vaarama, Pieper and Sixsmith (2007), a client must be able to feel confident that his or her relationship with the care services is a reliable, continuous and persistent element in his or her life with care being integrated into the identity of the client by reconciling it with past experiences (137). This is particularly important where the client has been failed before but close people or even professionals. Therefore, for such a client to gain confidence in the professionals, he or she will need a professional who is good to him or her. Consequently, after several occasions of interactions with a professional who is good, such a client will be able to build his confidence and begin relating well with other professional and with people back in his community. In such a case therefore, a professional with goodness as one of his or her character is better placed to deal with the client better than a professional who lacks this character. This is because the client can be able to build his or her confidence in the professional who is personally good and thus be able to reveal deep issues within his or her heart that would aid in solving his or her problem easily.

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There are different professions that value goodness as one of the most important virtues. Among them are doctors. Acquiring professional skills among doctors is one of the most significant prerequisites and an imperative step to one being the best doctor within a particular region. However, there are also personal characters that are needed for one to continue thriving in this profession. One of these characters is goodness. A doctor in nearly all cases deals with people who are desperate and in most cases have lost hope of living a normal life again. As a result of this, many of these people desire for an assurance that it shall be well with them after being treated. Therefore, doctors need the virtue of goodness to be able to go an extra mile of assuring their clients that all be well. According to Bowman (2007), the goodness of a doctor can be able to prevent recurrences of particular problems or challenges that are being faced by his or her client (93). On the other hand, it is important for one to understand that being good does not necessarily mean that one would act on every situation that come on his way. However, one can assign the task that needs to be accomplished to another person. For example, a doctor, due to lack of time may be unable to visit his patient and bring him some fruits as a sign that he values him. Instead, he can write a small note, purchase these fruits and send a nurse to deliver them to his patient. In doing this, he would have accomplished his part of being good to the patient. Such attitude and character in doctors has been found to bring hope to the patient and quicken their recovery process, thus rendering doctors with goodness as a virtue, better professionals than their counterparts who lack this virtue.

Whereas there have been arguments that the goodness of a person cannot substitute his or her professional qualification, research proves that a good person is a better professional in the current professional world. This is because good people possess the capability of not only satisfying their clients but also of deriving their own personal satisfaction from their professional service to clients. As a result of this ability, most of them are able to keep clients for longer periods of time as compared to their counterparts who are not considered to be good. On the other hand, goodness is not beneficial to clients alone. Instead, when a professional is good, he also derives joy from offering his service to the clients, a factor that increases the motivation of a person in his work, thus increasing his efficiency and turning himself into a better professional. One of the professions that require its professionals to be good is doctors. As a doctor, one’s attitude towards the client is vital to the overall recovery process of his client.

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