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“You have four years to be irresponsible. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Drink ‘till sunrise (Zollo, & Petty, 2002). The work never ends, but college does.” Tom Petty, a famous singer, musician and song writer best related to the prominent band (Heartbreakers) of the 70’s. He pursued a solo career in the year 1989, recording hits like “Running’ Down a Dream”. He was married twice in his adult life, had two pretty daughters with the first wife called Jane and later on married the second wife Dana in the year 2001. Famous and great men have been recorded to comment on the matter.  Popularly, Tom Petty is recorded to side with the idea of living the college life without limits and getting high most times. He is in favor of going through the system but indulging in the vibrant life of having fun (Petty, & Roed, 1994).  Petty champions for a life lived without holding back in this quote. This is just the reflection of the life led by this band singer, Petty. Advising for the need of a care free environment he takes every single detail in his quote as casually, looking at his remarks on cash spending one sees that the singer indulges a lot of his money in leisure.

Achievement Academic Goals in College

Currently, there has been a general misconception that college life is all about spending much time and money on leisure, fun, raves, consumption of alcohol and other drugs. Normally, this has been the main reason that affects the academic performance of many students, and hinders their academic goals while in college. This misconception has spread in many colleges due to bad influences; for instance, Tom petty encourages this kind of life in colleges in his quote. I disagree with Tom’s sentiments since they paint a wrong approach towards socializing and spending of leisure time in colleges. This is because students should be encouraged to participate in activities that will help them enhance their skills and knowledge during their leisure time rather than spending much of their time and money on raves, parties and drugs. This will boost their academic achievements and train them to be responsible even after college.

In other words, Tom Petty though a great musician, portrays a bad picture through his quote about college life. The main reason why many students go to college is to achieve their academic goal, but not enjoying college life. Therefore, I disagree with his sentiments because college should be a place where students gain abundant skills and perfect credentials that will make them adapt to the dynamic working environment. Moreover, students should be encouraged to maintain good morals and ethical behaviors in college. This paper will focus on college life in relation to how student spend their leisure time, engage in parties/ raves and how this influence their academic performance.

College is the climax of education that many long for and but few achieve, but it is not all who live up to dream of studying hard. The activities in college are of all types from derailing ones to focused objectives. Students often spare some time to have fun and interact with their friends mostly during their recess time or weekends. It is true that too much reading with no play works against the individual’s social life. It is appropriate that students find enough time away from studies to make friends. Through the process, of interaction then student relaxes their mind thereby ready for the next task. Too much academic work fatigues the brain therefore, leisure time is essential.  The abuse of drugs is an accepted vice that ramifies through majority of colleges all over the world but does not qualify as the safest way to relax the mind. Drug and substance abuse is using the drugs for a purpose other than the intended, drinking alcohol and smoking are the most common forms of abuse (Petty, 2007). This trend that has deep roots in the institutions is not beneficial to the user; they compromise in the struggle to feel ‘high’.

Irresponsibility in College

Irresponsibility to him is not a thing to sulk about it is the main idea in college, and quotes about this are famous; talk of college life being short and not to be taken too seriously. He cherishes the time spent wasted and drunk with friends than the time deep in his work. The main idea of getting in college is to establish a foundation for proper work description, but in his quote Tom discourages efforts to procure work interest, saying that remembering the time in class or work is not a memory compared to the drunken moments. Generally from what is underlying his words is a casual lifestyle with the famous “don’t care attitude”. No one opposes the idea of free time, but the way it is managed, throwing  free time in doing nonproductive activities is not beneficial. A simple case of two students, one spends his leisure in sports while the other in drinking; sports builds psychomotor skills while drinking deteriorates the health.

It is clear that this culture brings about addiction and other deadly effects to the abuser, but it is not the concern of the singer and band member; Tom Perry. He champions poor moral values in colleges. Considering that the musician had most of his fun while in the 70’s portraying him to be wild and vibrant. (Petty & Heartbreakers, 2002) With the concentration on these supposed enjoyments, these students become slaves of their own evil. Petty paints the picture that merrymaking should be the order of the day. Many believe that focusing on leisure activities reduces the ability of performance and hard work. Basing this from the history of Tom Petty, an alcohol addict who is rumored to have had a hard time with drugs should give counsel that is derailing to the youth. It is recorded that he has been filed for a case of bankruptcy once showing that partying till the sun comes up and spending too much came back to bite him. Contemporary college set ups demand performance thereby rendering Tom’s sentiments obsolete, it is a case of different dimensions.

Colleges and many educational institutions provide an environment which fosters this behavior, alcohol and these drugs are available in the area. Many young students see this as an advantage and a cool thing for them but for the struggling lot who need rehabilitation find hostility and are dragged back. Substance and drug abuse is now an epidemic in a number of nations, statistics for the American population show that though  drop in the cases of drinking cases  the general number of drug users is alarming.

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I will not ignore the fact that everyone needs some relaxation once in a while; in fact, this makes life in college more interesting. The only issue is not to overdo it due to the risk of addiction. It is common though for most party freaks to organize occasional bash sessions in their hostels areas or halls of residence. This is a careful planning process that involves a group of organizers who fund the project to its success. Most of these are usually praised by those who took part, while others end up cursing their absence but look forward to the next one.

In college, it is common for students to go for rave sessions in town centers, a good number of students opt to take their business to a higher notch. Blasting music and a variety of drinks make the night and fun required by the students. It is common for most to prefer beer and mild drinks as compared to vodkas and spirits which many terms as being too much. After taking a number of bottles, students hit the dance floor and sweat it out; dancing is considered the cream of events as these individuals get a chance to make new friends and get to show their talents. Smoking has been embraced a lot by the youth who find it trendy to combine alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana so as to feel the whole combination of high. With the knowledge that smoking triggers respiratory diseases, smokers still hold onto the behavior. All this entails what Tom preaches in his quotes.

It is important to focus on the goal set by the student to achieve a brighter future; it is obvious that achieving a degree comes from toiling. The lifestyle focused on by the legendary Petty does translate into a proper college achieving venture. A lot of time dedicated to books and study does not allow for a partying lifestyle, the student’s future is secure if they struggle to prioritize on academics.

Mutual funds are the most beneficial way for the brighter future of students. This is done through entrusting a manager to these funds now that a lot of time is spent in books for college students. The manager has more to monitor the flow of funds and produce a comprehensive detailed report on the same. Another important approach is the investing money away in highly rated corporate bonds that protect the principal for future use. It is obvious that after school students need money for many reasons and this helps. Many young people do not invest in life insurance nevertheless it is important to do so early to enable growth of the insurance. This will provide safer returns and protect against the unthinkable. With these measures taken the future of the student is secured and safe whatsoever the happening.


Students in college should understand that living life has limits and overdoing some practices is risky business, the abuse of drugs are not a decent thing to do and I solemnly advice against it. Knowing that socializing does not mean drinking, other safer ways to do same are there, introduction of these drugs into our system proves fatal later. Colleges should develop measures that control the outcry of drug abuse by setting up limits to this consumption rate because at the end of the day all are students.

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