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McMorrough notes the shifting importance of program in comprehending architecture. Architecture stands on social demands and ideas and continues to go through qualitative judgment in this contemporary world of design. Since this is the ongoing trend, adaptive reuse is extremely crucial. These alterations provide accommodations of the changing world.

The Program Primer v1.0 enables a selection of formal expressions and spatial configurations. Architects can now effectively use Excel as this program characterizes seasonal and temporal exploitations, virtual spaces, new technologies, cross-disciplinary collaborations and ecological concerns. It also enables reinventions, manipulations, juxtapositions, combinations and basic lists of areas and spaces.

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Through manga-style storyboards, Lai explains the role of storytelling and fantasy in the field of design. This approach goes beyond contemporary renderings in architecture, thus making it unique. Through representational techniques, criticisms and theory provide the foundation for developing a new generation. This is proof that architecture is an interdisciplinary profession.

Wilkinson presents diverse scenarios in which one can plan in order to tackle the uncertainties that come along. In the scenarios named will, consumerland and ecotopia, the author gives steps that will enable the decision maker to make robust and vital plans. However, these strategies may only apply to one or two scenarios in some cases, but apply in all scenarios in other cases.

Borkel emphasizes on harmonizing diverse disciplines in architecture. For example, he designed the Graz Theater in Graz University, which combines music and architecture. In such occurrences, Borkel explains that it is easy to bring the uniqueness of a particular architectural peace using other concepts such as music as opposed to plainly using it by itself.

Jong-Jin Kim explains that device Diagram would succeed in the contemporary architecture that characterizes a world which has no boundaries. Through registered data, the Diagram undergoes a transformation into a significant operator to radiograph universality. This is because it will have no form limits, as well as space or time restrictions.

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