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Conservatism is crucial in politics. It is an act of preserving some attitudes or ideas in the government. Nixon practised a conservative idea that was later transformed by Reagan. The definition of conservatism therefore entails different political aspects for both Nixon and Reagan. Conservatism according to Nixon is used to refer to an act of political moderation. He was an anti-conservative who fought for price control, addressing economic issues together with the fight for social issues in the society. Conservatism according to Reagan refers to an act of achieving various political gains. Reagan was an anticommunist who, while representing the new face of conservatism, fought for anti-tax, anti-government abortion among others.

Nixon is a moderate conservative in the current society. This is evident in his views on several issues in the society. He fought for various issues that sought to protect the society. This is evident despite the fact that he chose a different path when warranted by a situation he was in. He was a traditional conservatist who held traditional views over issues that are dominant in the society today. He implemented an affirmative action that ensured that students who tried to oppose his policies were punished severely. However, this is an act that affects democracy.

The policy of allowing abortion of interracial pregnancies would be considered conservative in the society today. People practice integration in society as an act that promotes unity and harmonious living in the world. When the policy on abortion was passed, Nixon was silent, but the following day he speaks saying that abortion will bring in various evils, which include permissiveness. He then recommended that abortion should only be allowed on interracial marriages. With the current dynamic society, there is no boundary or acts of segregating one community from the other. Holding to this policy in the current society will be considered as a deep act of conservatism. Nixon had various other views that were not conservative in the society. Some of these include the fact that he brought down the voting years to 18, and he participated in various activities that brought to an end Vietnam War.

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