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The conversation was perfectly normal, without any specific obstacles. The interlocutor did not know anything about the profession of chiropractic. He was briefly explained what it is about, and what area of life does it correlate with. Explaining the basics of the profession was quite easy, but the specific aspects, as its practical use, approach from the scientific side, were rather hard to explain. It can be explained by the unpreparedness of the interlocutor to perceive the big blocks of information that is totally beyond the area of knowledge he already possessed.  The solution might be some additional preparation of the interlocutor before the conversation on the desired topic with the desired amount of information required to be provided, analyzed and perceived.

There are a few factors that could help to improve the quality of perception of the presented information by the interlocutor. Firstly, hearing perception differs person to person, so supplying the presentation with visual materials (pictures, videos, charts etc) would be helpful in the process of improvement of understanding the information by the interlocutor. Secondly, considering the considerable amount of information that has to be presented, it should be separated into a few blocks, so it would be easier to present it step by step. Thirdly, presented information needs to be split into two categories – information for live perception and information for the individual study.

Preparation for the next conversation should be short, but effective. Handout materials need to be prepared for the interlocutor to be able to recollect the perceived info after the end of the conversation and to be able to follow the key points during it, going through the handouts. Additionally, visual materials need to be used to show the way chiropractic works. The conversation should start with a short 3-5 question oral quiz on the information, discussed during the previous conversation.

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